While moving, you are presented with plenty to deal with, including documentation of the new home and office, vehicle registration, kid’s admission, closing the documentation of the old place, and the list does not stop. Leaving the job to moving and packing services will ensure safety and lead to the organised completion of your home-shifting project. Being a novice, it might be strenuous for you and your family to get the things right, and there is always a chance of damage to your valuable goods. 

If you don’t know what is packers and movers, then briefly speaking, these are companies that offer professional packing services and work in coordination with their clients to provide the best experience and make seamless transitions to your new home.

Why moving and packing services? The Advantages:

Among the numerous advantages of packing services, some are listed here to make your decision easier.


Once you have found good moving and packing servicesyou can rely on them. These companies offer an end-to-end solution to your moving problems. A trained professional will visit your old residence to pack your items carefully before or on the moving date (depending on the volume of goods you have). This ensures no mess-ups when they will load the items to relocate them.


Extensive Packing materials

When you hire packing services, you will be present only for supervising. They will bring every necessary item, including different types of tapes and markers, to mark the carton, so you do not fumble while unpacking. They also get huge cartons. They will also bring wooden planks to make crates for delicate items. Your items will slip in safely, with bubble wraps and plastic rolls to further prevent any item from damage. You usually would not even know where one can purchase all of these good quality items and what should be the correct price for these. 


List of items

While working in association with moving and packing services, you will find a list of items they are carrying, which makes the service even more efficient. You will lose none of your belongings as long as you keep an eye on the list. The excellent packing services even include the number of cutleries and books carried along with the large items like almirah, fridge and television.


Superior Packing

During transit, goods may get damaged. The key to unharmed goods during transit is packaging done to the utmost perfection by packing services. Although it will take them 5-10 mins to unpack every item, it will ensure that none of the goods is damaged.


Loading, moving and packing services

It is easy to load small boxes and even a table onto a truck, but oversized items in one’s home like bedding, washing machine, and almirah are of a different level. Moving and packing services offer complimentary loading services. They bring workers who will do all the loading with great care so that your goods are as good as new when they reach the destination. Organising a properly planned jigsaw puzzle of all your goods onto the truck so that the items fit perfectly, do not bounce around during transit and instead support each other is actually a skill acquired through years of practice by the mover’s team. One needs to know which stuff to put at the bottom, which one on top of the other items and which ones to load first and which ones later is something that a layman does not know.



After reaching the destination, again, you do not have to worry about anything; show them the way, and your goods will reach your apartment with the help of moving and packing services. It is highly beneficial for office workers who need to shift often, individuals living alone and families. No extra charges are required for these services, so it is a win-win situation.


Transit insurance

Insurance, as you know, is the guarantee of compensation in case any mishaps are to happen. Moving and packing services offer transit insurance, which means you will get compensation if any of your goods are damaged during transit or mishandled on their end. This extends even more trust upon the moving and packing services.




Some, not all moving and packing services provide unpacking services that will also help you organise your new home with everything perfectly placed on the day of receiving the items! This service might be charged extra depending on the company. 


Paper mode

Everything that gets going with moving and packing services is put on paper. You will find every information documented, right from the amount you are paying, the breakup of the amount, along with the items you are moving. This feature is great because you are given a track of jobs they are doing for you. 


Payment modes

Unlike local transportation services, moving and packing services allow you to pay in any mode you seem fit. You may pay in cash, bank transfers, popular online platforms of transfer, and many more methods are available. This allows better customer experience and less hassle. 

Many people seem to manage to move and pack on their own, but you have to be sure that you will be able to handle the packing load and other work such as your office, home, kids, if any, and cooking and cleaning. Therefore, it is best to seek help wherever necessary to be relieved of the extra burden that comes with packing and moving from one place to a new one. Moreover, the lucrative thought of saving some thousand rupees by doing all of this yourself is soon shattered when even one or two items are damaged or lost, and you end up losing a lot more than you bargained for. 


How to hire the right company? An essential list of must-follow tips:


You have to hire the ideal company to get the most out of the moving and packing services. Unfortunately, all companies do not provide the most beneficial services you need. Here are a few tips that will help you select the right one for you.

hire the right company, packing services

  1. Organise your belongings into a list. You should make a list of belongings that you want the packing services to handle and a separate list which you will manage. Your list should include high priority items like documents, phones, laptops, tablets, jewellery, keys and other personal belongings. 
  2.  Browse through the internet to find moving and packing services with excellent and genuine reviews. You can also go with recommendations from friends who have just shifted. Do your entire research so that you can choose the best among them.
  3.  Set a budget that you have the capability of spending on moving and packing services. That way, you will be able to get the best bargain, and you will not be at the risk of overspending.
  4.  According to the truck model, investigate the truck charges, so you can rest assured the moving and packing services do not charge more than usual.
  5.  Look for transit insurance so that your items are transported with even more safety.
  6.  Ask them for the services, some companies do not reveal most of their complimentary services, but you have to do your research to get the most out of the money you are spending here. 
  7.  Gather all the high priority items you wish to carry along with you. Please don’t keep them lying when the packing services arrive. They might get confused, and later you will have a hard time finding them. 
  8.  Ahead of time, you must browse the new area to look out for ATMs, bank branches, medical centres etc., to be able to get help when needed.
  9.  When the moving and packing services reach the pickup location (usually your home), you should be around to check the packing. 
  10.  Check all of the items during the presence of the company supervisor, or make unboxing videos so that you have proof of the damaged items, if any, during transit. This will help you get the transit claim quickly.



What exactly packers and movers do?

Moving can be a cumbersome job to pull, whether it be locally or intercity. Movers and packers make this big job easy by increasing the number of people working. They are professionals who know what they are doing to get you the best service possible.


Packers and movers are companies that help individuals safely pack and move their belongings from one place to another. Belongings may include furniture, artefacts, personal items, utensils, electronics, etc. In addition, packers and movers provide doorstep services that help to make the moving process more manageable, stress-free and reliable.

Do movers and packers pack for you?


They are ‘Movers and PACKERS‘, so they will certainly pack your materials! The name of the profession itself gives the answer to that. They know how to pack expertly as they have years of experience. Which household items need a bubble wrap and which one needs a wooden crate is something that an expert Packer and Mover knows and will do justice to your articles as they have to move the goods safely after packing, that is, after all.


As a general rule, Movers and Packers do provide the service of packing and moving your belongings from your old residence to the new one while working closely with you. They will not only pack for you, they will also provide all the packing materials as part of the work


You don’t need to spend extra on these protective layers. Their packing services offer a very secure and safe form of packing so that your items are not damaged during transit.

Do packers and movers unpack?

Unpacking is a part of the entire process of full-service companies. Many fly-by-night operators make tall promises and renege on them with hardly any consequences. But the good ones, the genuine ones that wish to stay in the trade, will unpack your materials carefully. All this may come at an extra cost of 1000/- (approx), but who’s complaining?


It is, thus, for certain, that all competent packers and movers offer unpacking services. After your goods have reached the destination, their workers will unpack your articles and also dispose off the residue packing materials. They will also put your articles in the places you want, in your home.


This facility comes in handy for every customer and speeds up the process to get ample time to settle down before rushing for other significant activities.