No matter how big your showcase or heavy your antique safe is, your movers will be ready to transport it for you. However, your movers might not have the same enthusiasm for all items. There are some items that the law and safety parameters restrain the packers and movers from transporting.

Packers and Movers will not pack nor move:

  • Flammable items
  • Perishable food items
  • Valuables
  • Animals
  • High-value heirlooms
  • Harmful chemicals
  • Firearms
  • Liquor

Read on to know what to do if you have loads of these things at home.

Perishable food items

Unless you hold a bulk volume of grains or other food items, there is no Indian law to restrict transporting perishable items. However, the packers and movers might refuse to pack perishable items depending on the transportation time. For example, if the truck takes three days to reach the destination, any vegetable or other food item might grow mould and could contaminate the vehicle and other things inside it.

However, if it is canned food and has a very high shelf life, your packers and movers would be open to packing them. Moreover, the temperature inside the vehicle would be higher, especially for long-distance transportation. Thus, it is best to dispose of or donate any leftover food at home.

Oxygen cylinders

Oxygen cylinder

You might have an oxygen cylinder lying around for medical use or recreational activities like scuba diving. Any tank with pressurised gas will not be moved by a packers and movers company. When not handled properly, the tank could explode, leading to a dangerous accident. However, empty cylinders are easier to move, and the moving company would have no problem accommodating multiple empty cylinders.


There are no legal regulations regarding transporting heirlooms or antiques if you have supporting documents for owning them. However, these are usually quite expensive, and if the packers and movers’ company end up damaging or losing it, they might have to pay a hefty compensation. The liability coverage for any product is the current market price of the product. Say you hold a coin collection of 17th-century coins, the current market price of such a product would be very high, and a packers and movers company would not risk it.

The same goes for very high expensive items. Also, for insurance, you need proof of the current value of the article, documents of purchase, and so on. The maximum compensation you can get from such insurance is 80% of the declared product value. For a small logistic company, 80% of a costly antique item would drive them to bankruptcy. Thus, companies usually request you to take those items with you in your private vehicle by stating that it is safer.


According to Indian law, a plant cannot be transported more than 150km without proper approval and documentation. This regulation is in place to avoid the transference of pests and insects to a new environment. Moreover, given the temperature inside the vehicle, your plant would probably perish before it reaches your new home.

If you prefer to transport plants, you need to choose a packers and movers company with the knowledge and skill to transport live plant specimens. They can acquire the required documents and permits. Moreover, special shipping boxes with soil are necessary for transporting plants.

Dangerous chemicals

Bottles of chemicals on a shelf in a lab

You might think that there are no dangerous chemicals in your household items. However, do you know that nail polish and nail polish removers are considered hazardous? The reason is that they are highly flammable in high heat. Thus, it is better to dispose of such items. The same goes for lighter fluids, charcoals, and other things daily in barbecue kits.

Another common chemical that you can find in your home is cleaning supplies. Bleach items, cleaners, and powders are highly flammable. Damage to the boxes could lead to leakage, which could end catastrophically. Interestingly, your kid’s chemistry set games, your kit for making bath bombs, perfume bottles, motor oil, pesticides, aerosols, paints, batteries, and others would fall under such category.

If you add these to the boxes without the knowledge of your packers and movers company, your contract becomes void, and they could sue you.


Do you know you need a liquor license to transport 12 or more liquor bottles to or from Maharashtra? And, in Andhra Pradesh, you cannot transport more than three bottles of liquor without a permit. Moreover, you cannot transport liquor to Bihar, Manipur, Nagaland, Gujarat, and Lakshadweep. There is also a separate permit if you are a foreigner wishing to transport liquor within India. If you are transferring liquor from one state to another, you need to get different licenses. To avoid all these challenges, packers and movers usually avoid transporting liquor.

Source: iPleaders


It is not possible to transport pets when you are travelling a long distance. Even with adequate water and food inside the truck, the temperature would be hard to manage. Thus, packers and movers usually do not transport pets.


Owning a gun in India is legal if you have a license. However, the case is quite different when it comes to transporting it. First, you must get a district magistrate’s grant for transporting your firearms. Once you get the permit, you are approved to move your gun within the jurisdiction of that magistrate. Next, if you travel interstate, you need a transporter license, obtained by filling out the XIV form.


Beyond these forms and licenses, several safety precautions must be carried out while transporting the gun. Thus, most packers and movers companies avoid carrying firearms. However, if you are ready to get all the grants and choose reliable and registered packers and movers, you can transport your firearms legally.


It is illegal to transport fireworks in India without a proper permit. Moreover, it is not safe either. Technically speaking, a firework away from any ignition source is pretty safe. But the firework contains black powder, which could self-ignite when the vehicle goes beyond a temperature level. In some states, the transportation of fireworks within the state in a reasonable quantity is legal without any permit.


Safety is the first reason packers and movers do not allow transporting large amounts of currency. The companies believe it to be an added responsibility. Moreover, the insurance process is another challenge.

The second reason is the legal constraint in carrying cash. You can easily transport 2.5 lakhs as cash without any documents. But, if intervened by the IT department, anything beyond that would need a source for verification.

Most of the things that the movers refuse to carry are not safe. Why do you wish to risk a house full of items for just one box of fireworks? Either donate these items or chuck them away, if possible. Get all the legal documents before your moving day in cases of expensive and legal items like firearms, jewels, currencies, and more. Explain every single element in the cargo to your packers and movers. If you add any of these restricted items to the package without mentioning them, you risk lawsuits and other legal consequences. If the packers and movers service provider you chose is willing to transport these items without any permit or document, it is best to avoid such a service provider.

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