Lots of moving companies open every year that don’t know how to deliver effective relocation services. If you accidentally hire such packers and movers, you can get into serious trouble.

For most of you who are looking for an interstate relocation service, getting concerned about different aspects can be obvious.  The major issues that can compel you to think seriously while choosing movers are the relocation service cost and goods safety.

The most effective approach to search for a skillful and experienced moving crew is to clearly know what questions need to be asked before approaching a relocation service company. When you know all queries you can ask from shifting organizations, you can save yourself from fake movers.

Questions to ask from relocation company:

Are you an authorized moving company?

An authentic moving service provider will have all possible proofs. To check their credibility, you can visit the company’s website and check customer reviews/ratings, go through the services, and check their terms and policies. 

In case, if the packers and movers don’t have a website, you can ask them to show the recognizable verifications proof like skillet cards, voter Ids, etc.

What is your current business address?

You wouldn’t like to face a situation where you can’t get genuine movers. It is ideal for you to collect details about the existing location of the shifting company. Also,  you should constantly check details about the shifting company and confirm whether it is convincing or not. In specific circumstances when you get into trouble, reaching the relocation organization will not be a difficult job.

Can I get everything into writing?

Accredited packers and movers will share all required details with customers. In any condition, if you face an intolerable situation, take instant action. Don’t believe in words, ask the moving service provider to give everything in writing. From service rates to everything else, tell them to mention all in the contract.

Are you independently providing relocation service or there is a third party involvement?

There are different moving companies that subcontract the relocation service. It simply means that they collaborate with other movers to fulfill the shifting needs. Such moving companies will not be your preference as it can create an unusual situation for you. 

It is crucial to ask every minute details from movers. This will allow you to control the adverse condition. You will not get a sudden surprise and the whole relocation process can be managed properly. So, for an on-demand relocation service, try to appoint movers and packers having professional experience.

Do you provide insurance for liabilities? Will you give compensation for the loss?

This is the most important question to ask when you are willing to employ the best packers and movers in India. A reputed moving company promises to deliver effective service whether it is about transporting goods or compensatory damages. Therefore, to reimburse and to do the makeup for damages that may occur, ask for necessary information from movers in advance. 

Could you define the breakdown for the service price?

Sometimes, movers and packers charge you an excessive price to fulfill the shifting requirements. To handle such situations, tell movers to provide complete service breakups. Clearing and discussing all essential points in advance will clear all your confusion and execute the shifting process smoothly. 

By analyzing everything,  you would be able to know why the movers are charging you a specific amount.

Can you explain the payment terms?

The payment term is a major aspect that needs to be discussed with movers. Ask movers whether they have an adaptable payment mode or not.  An unprofessional moving company may not provide you with the detailing of the payment, but well-known service providers do it. The great players offer you suitable and adaptable deals.

What action should I take if you are not able to deliver service by time?

You should confirm with movers about possible actions that can be taken by clients for any inconvenience or delayed service. In case, the shifting crew isn’t able to provide satisfactory service, ask them what are all penalties they are going to fulfill for the inconvenience. 

To save themselves, a moving company can provide you endless reasons for why they are not able to deliver on-time service to you. Hence, it is required for you to constantly get in touch with the moving crew to avoid surprising situations.

What packing materials do you use?

To pack items, utilizing the old cardboard boxes will not be a great idea as it can damage goods. Usually, the shifting crew implements such practices to save cash on packing materials. When you don’t have a tight budget, there is no need to make use of utilized containers. 

It would be always good to tell your mover to use new packaging materials like wraps and containers to ensure the protection of your goods. As the crew of best packers and movers uses standard packing materials, you should not worry.

Do you use the necessary equipment for loading goods?

Today, multiple devices are used by shifting teams to tie, seal, and handle the load of movables. They use trolleys to make the whole moving process simple. So, inquire from your moving company whether they have such loading facilities or not. If not, you can switch to other available options. 

In case you get an opportunity to hire professional movers and packers, you can grab a chance to experience a trouble-free shifting service. A reputed moving firm uses all modern equipment and apparatuses needed to guarantee the safety of the goods.

Do you use your own service vehicle to shift goods?

This is the most important question to ask while hiring movers for interstate moving. Authorized moving organizations used to have their own vehicle arrangements whereas small service providers rent trucks. Employing movers having personal trucks for managing shifting tasks can be a great decision as the expenses can be controlled easily.

Will you provide temporary storage space?

In most circumstances, movers just pack your movables and drop them at the new destination. But, there may be a specific scenario when your new home will not be ready to move due to some reasons. To efficiently manage such conditions, you should store your belongings in a storage center for one or two weeks. 

While hiring a moving agency, inquire if they are providing a storage facility or not. Ask them whether they can store the belongings until the time you want them to keep in storage space. You should even discuss the rates to store goods with the movers.

Can you explain about additional charges?

Moving organizations usually have additional charges that they don’t explain in the initial phase. Asking about the extra charges is highly essential when you hire the best packers and movers in India

At the time when you discuss service price, request to clarify the extra charges associated with it. The additional charges might be hidden and will be disclosed by moving companies after completing the relocation process. It is pointless to argue with movers when they are done with shifting. 

Final Thoughts

The set of questions will guide you to hire a reliable moving company that assures you to deliver productive moving service. So, to plan your future relocation, you can discuss all the above-mentioned questions with the respective moving company.

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