All of you must be aware of what professional moving companies do, right? The shifting crew carries all your belongings out of your home and loads them into moving vehicles, which will drive off to your new address. The recognized packers and movers ensure to deliver your household goods to the correct destination whatever it would be. Usually, they help you in carrying your goods inside the new home as well.

In short, professional movers provide end-to-end service based on your preferences. They facilitate you with all possible moving requirements that can be called additional services. You can expect to get the best results for your relocation needs.

What are the different additional moving services provided by shifting companies for their customers, which other moving assistance you may need, and the most crucial one, what extra services you will charge for? These are some of the major queries that need to be answered to guarantee an ultimate move for you.

Different shifting services provided through proficient packers and movers:

Packing goods

If your move is for a short distance and doesn’t have many items, you don’t need professional packing and handling.  The best thing you can do is to invite a few good friends and take help from them to pack your goods as it sounds like a logical approach to adopt.

However, lots of genuine reasons are there which shows that you may need additional services for packing. Insufficient time can be one of the obvious causes which probably restricts you from packing your items precisely.

It is ideal for you not to take risks with expensive belongings like a guitar or other antiques present in your home. The best thing is to hire professional movers and packers as they play a vital role in ensuring a perfect move for you. The experienced movers provide customized solutions that can work for you. When it is related to price, you will be charged a fixed price quote if you approach a competent service provider.


This is another additional service delivered through recognized moving companies. Unpacking simply means that your packed household goods will not only be dropped at your new house but also be settled at their perfect place by the shifting crew members. Sometimes, you will not be charged for unessential waste packing materials. That’s why you should read the agreement carefully and keep important points in mind.

For unpacking, a few people prefer to take professional services. There is no time bond to unbox goods as it used to be in loading goods. Most of the customers manage the unpacking job on their own unless goods don’t fall in a special category. So, if you want to get assistance to unpack your belongings, make sure you have hired the best packers and movers who can set your furniture pieces into the right rooms, and positioned each item perfectly.

Furniture disassembly and reassembly services

It is known to you that enormous sizes and heavyweight household properties cost you more money, so you must decide first what you are going to do with your furniture. Either you can sell, leave, or just carry them with you.

If you are determined that you can’t leave your furniture, you may need movers to move them to your new place. Hopefully, movers give additional services like disassembly and reassembly of furniture before and after the relocation. Their relevant experience and special moving skills can give you the assurance that your huge wardrobes, beds, and solid wooden racks will be disassembled and reassembled safely into your dream home.

For a stress-free move, don’t miss discussing the furniture disassembly and reassembly charges while booking the packers and movers. This will allow you to prevent unwanted post-move costs.


Due to different valid reasons, goods are used to place in the storage space. Either customer has demanded from the mover to keep their belongings in the storehouse or other unexpected reasons can be responsible for it. Whatever the scenario is, it increases your overall service cost. So, you should be future-ready and do the arrangements effectively.

In case your new house is not ready for relocation and you aren’t even able to stay at your current address, you will have to go for the storage option to keep your household items. The authorized moving company places all your items safely in the storage and charges you for the time period until your goods have been kept there.

Difficult goods lifting through windows

Lifting is a special service given by some of the well-known moving companies. It is a technically complicated process that involves particular moving equipment which is required if some of your large items will not pass through the small hallways, staircases, or doors in your home. For such circumstances, the windows of your apartment are used by the pros to take out your possessions that are difficult to disassemble.

Make sure that you have hired professional movers and packers that know what exactly they need to do. Do a detailed discussion with the pros about the whole thing. Ask them if it is worth taking a lifting service as it can increase your expenses. Request movers to share information about the possible risks and charges of lifting service before you give your consent to have it done.

Waste cleaning

If you need cleaning facilities in your new home as it has not been fully cleaned out, your respective moving company can take care of it. They will dispose of all debris and ensure that all dirt has been wiped out. Normally, it involves appointing someone from outside, but movers will take care of these things and schedule the cleaners for you.

Final Thoughts

At the time of negotiating the terms and conditions related to the moving service with your selected mover, it is important for you to have clarity of what all additional moving services your shifting company is going to facilitate you and what amount of money you need to pay for it. To serve your purpose of a problem-free move, you can even connect with Shift Freight. The website makes sure that you can get the best shifting deals in your city. It connects you with an authenticated relocation team who start serving you from Day 1 until the relocation job is done.