Moving is a complex process in itself as it involves multiple tasks to handle at the same time. And, if you are relocating during the uncertain heavy rain season, it can be more difficult to move. Relocating in the rainy season simply means that your belongings will always be at the risk of getting damaged. So, it is great to ponder and involve in the decision-making process on a prior basis. This is essential to accomplish the shifting job easily. To enjoy the hassle-free shifting in raining season, you can even hire professional packers and movers for sure.

Meanwhile, you can have a look at the list of some essential tips as they can help in your intercity shifting in monsoons:

Do research related to the new destination

It is the first step to ensure a successful move during the rainy season. Different important points are there to take into account before you shift from your existing city to a new one. While leaving the old place, assure that the new destination is all set for the monsoon and it has not any cracks, leakages, or other major problems. 

While moving to your new home, you need to inspect your home physically on an advanced basis so that you won’t have to face post-shifting issues. Exploring issues primarily helps you in finding loopholes and handle things efficiently. Also, employing the best packers and movers can even let you gain details related to a new place.

Waterproofing your belongings

At the time of relocating during the monsoon season, you should select packaging materials having the waterproofing feature. To pack your household goods, you can either choose plastic bags, bubble wraps, or bags having a zip-lock system. It is essential for you to use the branded packing material so that you don’t have to face damage-related issues during loading or unloading goods. 

Make sure your movables are packed precisely and there is not any crack in your items. Before the arrival of movers and packers, check if everything has been sealed properly or not. 

Don’t forget to protect major essentials

For many of you who are planning to move during heavy monsoon, keep in mind that you protect all these items:

  • Pack your bank papers and ID proofs in waterproof bags to give them safety against water.
  • Ensure that you are carrying a power bank because you may need it when your phone battery will be drained.
  • Make sure you have waterproof shoes and have a raincoat with an umbrella.
  • Keep a towel with you to be on the safe side if you would be trapped in the rain.
  • Gather information related to the existing weather conditions so that you won’t get surprised and handle the upcoming situations precisely.

Be ready with your clothes

In the monsoon season, you get unwanted humidity with moisture in the air. It creates difficulties in drying out and produces a damp smell in clothes. If your costumes will carry a stinky smell with them, you can’t pack them conveniently. On the other hand, they can even increase the weight of your household goods. So, ensure that you have done washing and arranging your clothes on a prior basis before packing.

Carry an umbrella or raincoat

This is the most important item to carry if you have decided to move in heavy rain. Try to keep it with yourself, don’t load it in the packers and mover’s vehicle like other household goods. Keep an umbrella or raincoat in such a place where you can reach them easily. It is necessary to keep yourself healthy as you will have lots of work while relocating.

Buy suitable footwear for monsoon

Shifting during heavy rain season needs special preparation. So, it is mandatory for you to keep skid-proof shoes with you to avoid unwanted situations. You will not slip and can easily protect yourself from getting stuck in muddy rainwater.

Reach professional packers and movers

People who are relocating to a different place in the rainy season with a huge number of movables must hire an experienced moving crew. Moving on your own is not a great idea when it is heavy rain. A moving company with a reputed image will have all the necessary equipment that might be needed to handle your goods effectively. When approaching movers and packers, it is even necessary to ask them if they have got experience in moving goods in monsoons.

Select a confined moving vehicle

If you are thinking to relocate in the monsoon, then don’t forget to hire a truck with closed space to move your goods from the existing location to another one. Such kinds of moving vehicles are designed in an effective manner to carry your household items safely to the final destination. You wouldn’t have to be worried about your items getting damaged or wait. When you hire packers and movers,  ask them if they can provide a truck with enclosed space or not.

Online tracking is important

Monsoon season leads to too much traffic and damaged roads. It can sometimes delay the goods’ delivery and expand the arrival time at the final destination. To handle such situations, you should employ packers and movers that give the ease to track your shipment online and keep yourself updated about the exact location of your belongings.

Should have insurance for goods

Shifting in monsoon simply means you can face undesirable situations while moving to a new location. As the weather would be unfavorable, it can’t be defined clearly how much time will be taken by the driver to reach your final destination. So, having insurance for all your movables is essential to get compensation for the possible damages.

Guard floorings

On your moving day, when the packers and movers team arrives at your existing apartment, protect your floors and cover them with cardboard, bedsheets, thick plastic covers including mats, to avoid slippery conditions during goods loading. Keep in mind that you have to protect the route between your entrance gate to the mover’s truck to securely carrying out goods. Besides these things, you can put some doormats and towels at the main entrance to dry out and to prevent unwanted accidental situations.       

Do the loading and unloading under a covered area

Packing, loading, and unloading is a long process that needs special skills. On rainy days, this can task can be more challenging. So, always try to complete the moving tasks under a roof. It helps in completing the job efficiently.

Start your  journey soon

If you try to move in peak hours, you may find it difficult to relocate because of too much rush on the road. It can happen that traffic congestion can restrict you to complete your move effectively. Therefore, it is always suggested to you to start shifting as soon as possible. It would be ideal to move early morning as you get fewer vehicles moving on the road.

Don’t plan your move at the last moment

In case you are going to join an office, need to join the school, or have taken admission to a college located at the new destination, try to schedule a move before a week so that you won’t get panic and things will be executed properly. Relocating at the last minute can create unexpected conditions and may affect your health. When it is the rainy season, you should choose a specific date and relocate at least a week before the joining date.

Plan move in advance

On normal days, shifting can be stressful. But if we talk about rainy days, it can be even more hectic and full of uninvited hassles. As moving tasks means carrying all your important personal items, it is required for you to do effective planning on a prior basis to avoid the risks associated with household goods. Doing early relocation planning in the monsoon gives you abundant time to do the arrangements and finding the best packers and movers.

Should have a backup plan

You always need to be ready with a plan B if you want to shift in the rainy season. During heavy rains, unpredictable situations can come at any time. To handle them easily, you should have another plan because it can help you to execute the whole process in the right way. If the weather is extremely bad and the movers and packers team got late due to sudden traffic, plan B can work as a better alternative for you.

Final Thoughts

Every one of you loves the heavy rainy season, but not when you need to relocate to a new destination with a huge number of goods. You may aspire that there would be less traffic and fewer people on the roads, but life can always give you unnecessary surprises on your move day. So, following the above-mentioned tips can let you enjoy your move in the best way in this most beautiful weather of the year.

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