The fear of getting your precious antiques ruined due to bad handling by packers & movers creates undesired stress during relocation. The tricky tasks of packing and loading your antique pieces of goods must be done cautiously to keep all the shifting damages at a bay. All those old wall paintings, vintage sculptures, papers & novels, wooden furniture, set of glassware or crockery, & other antiques in your collection would suffer irreparable damages or breakages if not moved under the precise conditions.

Relocating your precious antiques or vintage possessions from one place to another is more painstaking than restoring them. Instead of facing the nerve-wracking experience of losing your valuable antiques while moving, you must hire the best packers and movers in Delhi NCR, and other regions of India to get them delivered in the perfect condition. While being on the bumpy ride to the destined address or loaded hurriedly to the moving truck, your valuable antiques are prone to suffer breakages or distortion within a couple of seconds. Improper packing, rough handling, inappropriate lifting & loading techniques, temperature moderations, & various external factors could distort the original shape, texture, print, shade, and other key characteristics of your old collectible items.

The risks of moving your antiques may take away your peace of mind for a while. Don’t get bothered with such shifting concerns as our guide is here to escort you from the major worries of shifting your vintage antiques with packers and movers. Yes, you can do the safe relocation of some special pieces of antiques in some simple steps. Let’s get started!!!


Keep all essential packing supplies handy before you prepare for moving your antiques. Gather these items to avoid a last-minute rush once your packers and movers start packing these special items:

  • Premium packaging paper & wraps
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Air-filled plastic sheets or bubble wraps
  • Thermocol sheets & corner protectors for breakables
  • Packing tape
  • Moving boxes, blankets, & pads


As you already know the role of perfect packing in shielding your goods from pin-point scratches, you must learn some important techniques to pack your antiques in the right manner. Packers and movers usually follow these packing steps to ensure the safety of antique artwork, mirrors, & other old articles while transferring them from one place to another. 

Step 1: Inspect the size and strength of moving boxes for packing antiques

Modern packers and movers bring a special variety of moving boxes for packing and carrying vintage items securely. You must check if the box you’re going to use can withstand the load of goods or not. Make sure that they are spacious enough to carry antiques of varied shapes and sizes. Some old antiques are very fragile to stay intact in the hustles of packing, loading, shipping, unloading, & unpacking process.

Step 2: Consider using glassine for wrapping glass items

Glassine is a typical packing paper used for protecting the surface of antiques from dust, scratches, stains, or smudges. The wax-like texture of glassine acts as a shield to safeguard goods from potential damages. Packers and movers preferably use this unique packing material for securing antiques with special prints or designs. Simply, wrap a glassine paper around your glassware, mirrors, or ceramic items and secure it entirely with a packing tape.

Step 3: Keep corner protectors or foams ready

Be careful with the corners of extra delicate antiques specially framed artwork and mirrors. With help of professional packers and movers, you can put padded corner protectors to protect each and every part of your precious belongings with an extra layer of protection. 

Step 4: Ensure proper cushioning

Create a soft cushion around each antique item by using air-filled plastic wrap. You can add a double layer of bubble wraps or air-filled packets over your antiques to provide maximum protection from all sides of the moving box from top and bottom. Use high-quality packing tape to secure the paper.


All expert packers & movers apply specific techniques for moving old sofa set, dining & dressing tables, almirah, bed, & other antique pieces of household furniture with contemporary designs or patterns carved on their wooden structure. Here are some important steps they take to keep them safe: 

Step 1:   Detach them properly

Most large and heavy furniture can be disassembled for easy lifting and loading.  Old furniture can get easily dismantled if not handled properly during the transit process. Any heavy antique furniture must be detached from other units so that each piece can be packed and moved effortlessly without causing any harm to the textured design & plywood of the collectible.

Step 2: Safely wrap your furniture with moving blankets

Packers and movers arrange special furniture pads or moving blankets to wrap each antique piece of your valuable furniture to avoid damages due to extra moisture. Remove all drawers and pack them separately using packing paper.  It is suggested to apply two or three layers of moving blankets around your antique furniture along with extra plastic padding.

Step 3: Add more layers of bubble wrap for extra safety

Apart from packing fragile items, bubble wraps can be used to provide ultimate protection to the corners as well as external surfaces of your furniture. Don’t forget to secure each corner of your furniture with a strong packing tape of good quality.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. When antiques are packed up correctly by packers & movers, you don’t need to worry about the protection as they are ready to get transported safely to any destination whether it’s near or farther away from the present address. Right from disassembling to delivery, moving antiques demand special equipment, packing material, & expertise to make it 100% safe from the potential risks of shifting damages. Therefore, you must ensure that your packers & movers can give their best to do this job!!