Either you want to join a new job, have a desire to change your current destination, or get an admission out of state, shifting can’t be ignored. Sometimes, it becomes an enjoyment for us whereas sometimes it’s a compulsion. So, to eliminate complications while moving, hiring professional movers and packers can be a real-time solution.

In case you are planning your move in the upcoming week or a month, you must be planning about a suitable time to relocate. However, it is completely your preference which season you have chosen to move but analyzing things in advance will work for sure. 

What is the favorable time to shift?

A pleasant time to relocate depends on your situation. Whether you are moving during peak season or thought to move in cold weather, both have positive and negative impacts. Suppose, if you haven’t children, it doesn’t matter to plan your relocation during school vacation. Let’s consider these points as these may impact your moving decision:

Shifting budget 

As moving services used to be in high demand in summer, it is good to move in winter for enjoying low-priced service rates.

Job necessities 

In case you are shifting for work, it can be difficult for you to make changes in the shifting schedule. But if your company is giving leverage by joining them late, you can move at your comfort. Appointing the best packers and movers can allow you to ensure hassle-free relocation

Accommodation availability

The sale/ lease time of your existing house may determine when you can move. It is obvious that the high demand for new home relocation season leads to the peak relocation season. When it is about searching for new apartments, you might get more options in the summer.

Personal reasons

Unluckily, moving will not always add an enjoyable experience for you. It doesn’t matter if you are moving to take care of children or want to relocate because of a natural disaster, sometimes, it is required to move on short notice. Appointing the best packers and movers can resolve your issue to some extent if you want to move instantly.

Advanced tips for shifting:

  • Schedule your move two weeks before the shifting day. In peak season, packers and movers get booked easily, so pre-scheduling works. It allows you to hire an authentic moving company. Getting quotes from multiple service providers can also be an easy task for you.
  • Booking packers and movers in the mid-week or month can add an advantage for you. Shifting on weekends will enhance the moving cost by 25-30% than the rest of the days. Relocating in the middle of the month is comparatively affordable than the starting and end of the month.
  • Remove the unnecessary belongings as it can have an influence on the moving cost. For a long-distance relocation, additional weight can be the main reason to be charged by movers. To get rid of paying extra costs, eliminating the unwanted items from your moving goods list can work.
  • Be prepared with your household goods before the movers arrive as local shifting crews charge based on hours. Doing advanced packing allows you to do cost management in peak season. It will even help packers and movers to complete the loading task instantly.
  • Sell out the old furniture as it is only going to increase the shifting price. Give such things to charity.
  • Taking assistance from your kids is a great idea. If they aren’t so young, they can even help you with wrapping goods. Tell them to pack their own belongings and allow them to select the items they want to carry with them. It allows them to gain some real-life experiences.

Why Summer is the best time to relocate?

Lots of people move every day. Among them, 60% of the people prefer to relocate from May to September. Those who move during these months usually have the age between 18-34. The majority of people who relocate during summer come under the category of ’20s. So,  there are some genuine reasons associated with the summer season to consider it as the best time to move. Let’s see those reasons:

  1. Those who lie under the age group of 30-35 usually have children in school, so they found summer break as the most suitable time to move. 
  2. Summer is a great time to search for housing options. Most housing options would be available at that particular time. It would be easy for you to find more suitable options and seek a perfect home in hot months.
  3. Summer has also been known as the perfect weather for clearing out unwanted items. You can easily get rid of extra clutter and generate some side cash from it.

Why is winter the best season to move?

For many of you who want to avoid the competitive season of summer and don’t want to pay high prices, the winter season can be the best time to move. In case you are looking for the best deals on housing, the winter season can be the best option to search for a new place. 

The apartment sales rate goes down during the winter months, so property managers will be ready to cut down their price and it can be easy for you to get suitable deals. You just have to be ready with your essentials before you schedule your relocation. Hiring professional packers and movers will really help you for sure.

If you’re relocating in winter, you must have good shoes, warm clothes, and other major items that will keep you warm. 

Final Thoughts

Whenever you plan to move, it is always ideal to be prepared in advance. There are positives and negatives of every season, so the suitable time to move is when you and your loved ones really want to move. And remember, Shift Freight is always there to help you with great shifting assistance. It is a website where you search out accredited packers and movers who have moved several families every month of the year. These movers will do satisfying arrangements for you depending on the season.