When the global economy is steadily getting back on track after a year-long pandemic, we just can’t stop praising startups & small businesses that came up with smarter ideas & strategies to face such unprecedented times during the COVID-19 outbreak. For being one of those ventures that emerged last year to become one the most successful packers and movers aggregators in the today’s logistic marketplace, Shift Freight is on the top of headlines on the popular news & media platforms. We are back again with one more update that marks our superiority in the present state of the packers and movers industry as Business World has summarized our business strategies & approaches that helped us in coping with major challenges encountered during the pandemic-induced lockdown.

Keynotes of Business World’s report on the behalf of Shift Freight

From transporters to individual packers & movers, the outcome of almost 3 months of lockdown caused severe disruption to the entire business operations & market of business involved in the movers and packers segment. Millions of employees lost their jobs during lockdown while many companies shut down due to lack of funds and labor to work at a lower pay scale. This scenario encouraged startups like Shift Freight to restructure their business strategy and continue facilitating customers as the demand for packers and movers in the metro cities surged during a pandemic outbreak.  

The report by Business World covers some major points on our strategies as stated below:

  • Many families, bachelors, & students residing in rented spaces particularly in metro cities like Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Greater Noida, Pune, Bangalore, & other densely populated regions of India moved back to their hometowns due to financial crisis or ‘Work from Home’ conditions. Shift Freight became a reliable packers and movers service provider to accommodate safe & hassle-free relocations for such customers.
  • The advanced AI-based system enabled customers to get the best deal from the nearest vendors online that not only saves time but also eliminates the necessity of visiting packers & movers particularly when the graph of active pandemic cases was at its peak.   
  • Virtual surveys replaced at-home surveys that are being carried out to provide the right price estimations before the final shifting day. 
  • Due to shortage of resources & adverse panic among the laborers, it became a bit challenging to fulfill the market demand for packers and movers in the beginning. However, we countered such challenges by implying the right business strategy and providing appropriate safety gear and equipment for COVID-19 prevention.
  • The role of the technology & management team inspired Shift Freight packers and movers to continue with their market operations even during the nationwide lockdown. From PPE kit to face masks, face shields, sanitizers, hand gloves, etc. all safety gears were made available for free to keep everyone safe during our procedures. That certainly encouraged our credibility in the eyes of customers as well as our proud service partners.
  • Regular sanitization of trucks or other equipment, usage of fresh masks, body temperature checks before & after pickup and delivery, social distancing, and all safety protocols were strictly followed as a part of our policy.

Even in the changed circumstances, Shift Freight was one of those startups that fought back to strengthen its foothold in the logistic marketplace. The Business World not only acknowledged our capability to survive in unforeseen situations but also justified our prominence to appear on the reputed media portals.