Terms and conditions

Shift Freight enforces a contract with certain terms & conditions for the use of this platform and by availing services on it, you’re straight away agreeing to them. In other words, you won’t be using this platform in case if you do not agree with the set of terms & regulations defined in this contract.

Shift Freight holds a right to change & modify any of these terms & conditions without prior intimation. Our customers should consider reviewing this “terms & conditions” section to stay updated with all the modifications & changes done from time to time. In addition to this, we suggest users go through our privacy policy to grab details on what sort of users’ data we collect & use to facilitate customers with the utmost confidentiality.

The approval to avail services on Shift Freight
Upon being a user of Shift Freight platform, you approve & agree on the following terms imposing that:

  1. The users have never disabled or denied access to Shift Freight for services.
  2. A user is not a competitor or business with services areas similar to that of Shift Freight.
  3. A user is authorized for the contract and there are no such cases of violation of law & rules or existing arrest warrants against him/her.
Words of declarations & guarantees
By using Shift Freight, you’re agreeing upon:

  1. Complying with all laws, rules, & regulations of India.
  2. Sharing precise & updated details to Shift Freight while requesting for any service.
  3. Considering the information or notifications sent to you by Shift Freight regarding services offered.
  4. Not using our services to receive or ship illegal packages or materials to a third party or suspected fraud. Shift Freight users are abiding to use this platform only for legitimate purposes.
  5. Not using our services or the platform against anyone or to harass or cause inconvenience, damage, & harm to individuals.
  6. Accepting the fact that customers, as well as enlisted service providers on Shift Freight, can reject/cancel the requests in the beginning as they can’t be cancelled once the job gets started. Users can do the request cancellation for free.
  7. The exchange of user details or additional information shared b/w the service providers on Shift Freight platform & the customers using it for on-demand services.
  8. Not obstructing the operational structure of the Shift Freight platform.
  9. Not causing any damage to the functionality of platform or services offered.
  10. Not distributing the content to the third party or copy it for any unfair means without taking prior permission from Shift Freight.
  11. Keeping the password & other identification details of your Shift Freight account highly confidential & protected for anyone’s access.
  12. Providing justified evidence of your identity of being the only discretion of Shift Freight. Our liberty to refuse to facilitate the service or put curtail on the use of a platform without giving any reasons.
Scope of License
Shift Freight presents a general license that restricts to transform, terminate, surrender, modify, or make any changes to our terms & conditions and services offered at Shift Freight platform. Under the assigned contract, users are liable to:

  1. Avoid providing our services on rent or to resell, hire, & redistribute its content to facilitate any third party.
  2. Ensure that no suspicious attempt or activity to use, copy, translate, & share the architectural design & structure of Shift Freight platform will be done from their end. We impede visitors on the platform who attempt to download & copy multimedia content or access the embedded source code of its design.
  3. Not to delete or make any copyright changes or do any alterations to the added details provided with the list of exclusive services available on the platform.
  4. Keep the username & password or other related details of your Shift Freight account confidential.
  5. Make sure that whether you’re a customer or service provider registered on Shift Freight, you won’t send, receive, & deliver some specific types of material & packages that belong to these categories like prohibited animals & species, pornographic items, copyrighted materials & apps, illegal objects, devices & gadgets that may breach security system, Narcotics & drugs, Pirated materials, Human organs, Stolen objects, restricted communication devices & equipment, jewellery & precious items, criminal tools, weapons, traffic authorities devices, etc.
Violation of shipping policy
Shift Freight holds the right to terminate any possible action against the violation of the shipping policy that makes us liable to discontinue the access to the services & offers presented on the platform.

Intellectual property rights
All the content, materials, images, data, facts, & stats stated on the platform entirely belong to Shift Freight and it is a sole owner of entire content downloaded on it. Shift Freight reserves a right to use it the content for promotional purposes. Users are not allowed to produce or allow any a third party to modify the content & use it for self-promotion or produce it to market other brands.

Shift Freight can update the pricing and make changes to the cost of services available on the platform. We shall notify users in case if charges are revised alongside allowing users either to continue or terminate the contract.
Users are supposed to make payments in cash to the assigned technician or service provider after job completion. You are solely responsible for making the full & final payments of services availed by you as a customer. Shift Freight holds the right to blacklist the customer for not paying the fees to the service provider & blocked user shall not be able to continue till the charges are not paid.

Under the aforesaid terms & conditions for the use of the platform or service, Shift Freight users must strictly adhere to favour Shift Freight and its licensing parties, registered service providers, employees, managers, agents, operational team, in-house members, & other individuals involved in the smoother process of services availed by you with complete support to not to object, harm, & restrict them from justified demands, responsibilities, & payments that are being arising due to:

  1. The breach & violation of predefined terms & conditions by the users after making requests & availing services.
  2. The violation of rights of service providers or other individuals involved in the service delivery by you.
  3. Misuse of platform or service by you.
Legal responsibility
On Shift Freight platform, all of the statistics & facts or information related to our services are mentioned to inform our customers and not meant to suggest them in any way. Shift Freight shall update or modify website’s content periodically when required but we cannot guarantee the authenticity of the details shared on the platform. Moreover, the platform doesn’t guarantee that it is free from potential errors, malware, or harmful programs that may compromise the accuracy & performance of the site.

Shift Freight is not responsible for any damage or inconvenience caused due to the use of website or platform unless the harm has been occurred due to the undesired carelessness from itself Shift Freight’s end.

The assigned service provider or technician is responsible for the quality of service provided to you. Shift Freight doesn’t take responsibility for the behaviour, actions, & quality of the job done by the servicemen & thus, all the service-related complaints should be shared directly to the service provider.

Services updates
Shift Freight can conduct modifications & perform the following changes at its sole discretion:

  1. Make changes to the content, service, materials, & policies alongside discontinuing the promotional publishing of its services.
  2. Introduce other similar services as a replacement to discontinued services on the Shift Freight platform
Areas of responsibility
Shift Freight doesn’t provide any guarantee on the originality of the types of services offered on the platform as they’re defined as they’re presented in general terms. We’re not liable to assure you the accuracy of the content, the time duration of the services, & unavailability of selected service at any time & moment. Shift Freight & its licensors shall not be liable for the direct or indirect harms & accidental damages and loss of items occurred during the service process.

Secure user access
Customers are solely responsible for the confidentiality of their account & services availed through it on Shift Freight platform. You’re liable to the secrecy of all the credentials of your account along with username & password details for login as we shall not take responsibility if the account gets accessed by anyone other than you. By using Shift Freight, you also agree to notify us in case of loss or unauthorized use of the password, username, & other private details of your account.

Redirects to other websites
  1. While getting on the Shift Freight platform, you shall come across links that will redirect you to other websites or platforms monitored by external parties who provide products or services to redeem promotional coupons offered to you. Users may be asked to visit outside the Shift Freight platform & this will not be in the control of Shift Freight.
  2. While accessing Shift Freight platform or website, users can check out the discount offers & promotional codes offered by the service providers or sponsors to promote their products & services by presenting a link on the website. Each external website you visit shall have own privacy policies and terms & conditions to serve customers. Therefore, Shift Fright doesn’t take responsibility for the credibility of the service & content shared on the external websites or platforms you visit via our site.
  3. Also, be aware of the fact that these external websites may send cookies to you & gather or request your data while accessing. Therefore, it is suggested to keep a check on the terms & conditions and privacy policies mentioned on the website where you’re redirected from Shift Freight.
The timeline & termination of the service contract

The time-based validity of your contract with Shift Freight is boundless. Users hold the right to end the contract by discontinuing access to the platform or website on their devices. You’re free to close your account whenever you feel a need to do so.

Shift Freight reserve a right to terminate the contract by disabling your access to the platform. We shall take this step in case if:

  1. You breach or violate any of our terms & conditions presented on the website.
  2. Shift Freight marks your access to the website for the misuse of platform or services provided without notifying you regarding the termination of the contract.
The non-validation of one or more terms
Even if any of the terms & conditions don’t qualify for the right use of Shift Freight platform, the rest of the terms remain valid on other users. In such a scenario, when any of the invalid terms exist or predefined user conditions that you cannot accept then both parties will agree upon the unacceptable terms alongside taking other circumstances in consideration.

Changes/ Updates in the services
Shift Freight holds the right to make changes or modify the user conditions, discontinue the services available on the platform any time. We shall post a notification or send them via service & emails. Shift Freight shall also limit your access to certain features or services without notifying you in advance.

Shift Freight shall notify you about our services by sending emails to your registered email address on Shift Freight account.

The law & resolution of disputes
Even if all of the disputes, claim or disapproval associated with these user conditions are valid, their breach or execution will be subjected to impose a set of applicable rules & regulations of India on you.