Our privacy policy

Privacy protection
At “Shift Freight”, wevalue our customers trust and reliance on us. Our adherence to quality & trustworthiness led us to meet our customers’ needs and secure their access whenever they visit our website. We’re credible to our valuable customers who count on our commitment to protecting their privacy with the information or data shared by them. We’re requesting you to continue reading the following policy to understand the way we deal with all data gathered from the website’s traffic.

Our pledge to guaranteed privacy
Shift Freight serves privacy guaranteeto keep your personal information confidential in all the aspects of maintaining the secrecy of customers’ data. Irrespective of any existing information or data shared on online, Shift Freight takes responsibility of maintaining the data secrecy through varied methodologies.

Our Service providers
All the enlisted service providers or individuals/technicians are registered at “Shift Freight” to perform tasks or job as requested by customers. To process orders or progress the service requests, Shift Freight works on maintenance and civil services, sends emails, and analyzes data to collect insights from marketing and search results.

Though assigned professionals may have access to the customer details to be able to perform their tasks, the shared data will not be used for other goals. Our privacy policy covers up the information shared with the servicemen when a customer places an order regardless of the fact if it is accepted or rejected by the assigned service provider.

The following information that you are required to provide when placing your order will be shared with the maintenance or civil service provider:

  1. Name
  2. Mobile number
  3. Your location details
The information that might be collected from you
We declare that “Shift Freight website” collects the data when a user signs up to get registered for availing our exclusive services. Apart from this, we collect information regarding the usability of the website whenever a customer visits or navigates through it for obvious reasons. Our secure system records the information about you and collects the information about all operations that you do on the website.

We might also collect significant details about your participation in any of the promotional offers or coupons availed by the users. We also observe the patterns of the agent’s activities and the use of the website to learn user preferences & likes, which makes us able to provide a better service.

If you don’t agree on this privacy policy then it is requested to reject it while registering on the website. Shift Freight keeps your ID anonymous when you browse the website without signing up on its web portal by a username and password. Despite that “Shift’s website” collects and saves the following information even if you are not signed up into the “website”:

  1. The country from where the “website” has been accessed.
  2. The default browser’s language.
  3. User’s operating system.
Although you can close your account at any time, your saved information in the archive might stay in the “website’s server” even after deleting or closing your account.

When do we disclose your personal information?
Your personal information will not be used for any other purposes other than facilitating you at the utmost priority. We don’t share user data with third parties and keep details confidential in all circumstances except in the following cases:

  1. That we have your permission
  2. To provide products and services that you ordered
  3. To help to achieve or preventing activities that are illegal or if suspected as fraud or can cause danger to any person’s safety or in cases of violation of the “User Agreement”.
  4. Special circumstances such as to comply with court orders or orders from a statutory authority.
Our Responsibilities
Even though we always intend to keep your personal information confidential, the internet transmission can’t be completely secure. Using this “website” means that you’re agreeing on our privacy policies that do not make us responsible in case if your personal information gets disclosed to the third party due to transmission’s error or illegal activities.

We reserve the right to change or update our policies at any time and will inform you about the changes in case they’re about to happen. Such changes will be validated once they get published on our website.