Self-packing your house could be hectic for anyone. Not having a team of packers and movers for moving your goods would certainly cut down your expenses but can also give you a big headache on the shifting day. In the excitement of relocating to a new place, you may forget to get involved in some sorts of pre-moving activities to organize a successful move with or without shifting professionals. Planning a move in advance may involve a long list of never-ending tasks that are extremely tiring and time-consuming. Doing it all alone in the absence of a moving company would definitely turn problematic like no one can imagine!!!

Calm down, shifting your belongings from one location to another is not rocket science. You can make it easiest, safest, & efficient with the help of the best packers and movers in Delhi NCR and other regions of India. Half of your shifting worries will eventually disappear when you strategize to tackle with usual hassles of piling and packing your goods before moving. One of the key tips to the stress-less transition of goods is considering a long list of unwanted or unused items that you can avoid packing & carrying to your new place. After all, it is a more sensible approach to leave such items and pack only essential ones to move to another address.

Packers and movers always suggest marking certain objects that you can throw, donate, sell, or leave behind. By not packing old clothes, broken or damaged pieces of furniture, electronics, spare parts of broken equipment, or other unnecessary things that you no longer use or need, you can save your precious time, efforts, & money that you shall waste in their transportation. Here is what you can do further to avoid the over-packing massive amount of items specifically during home relocations:

  • TIP 1: Get a list of items you don’t need and pile them up separately
  • TIP 2: Use tags like “Needs/wants”, “Donations”, “Items to sell” or “Trash” for selective items
  • TIP 3: Never add a pile of objects that you consider as “ESSENTIALS” as you may end up packing unnecessary things that you may throw away instead of carrying them with you for no reason.
  • TIP 4: Try to reduce the quantity of unwanted stuff to lower down the load on the moving truck and adjust all movables within a limited space. 

These 4 tips are all you need to follow to deal with the major problems of packing your home with packers & movers. In addition to this, we advise you to reconsider your plans before packing these items for the move:

Old newspapers & other paper items

More than 80% of paper stuff kept in your home is 100% useless. Why waste your packaging resources in packing those bundles of newspapers & paper stuff? Packing paper items is not advisable anyway. You can better get rid of old magazines, receipts, newspaper bundles, expired coupons, packs of discarded invitation or birthday cards, etc., etc. by donating them to the local scrap vendor or anyone who needs them more than you.  GO GREEN and let other people recycle your paper items in a better way.

Oversized, old, torn or discarded clothes

Shifting is the right time to donate your old-fashioned or oversized clothes stuffed in your wardrobe. Apparels that don’t fit you anymore or are damaged slightly can be very valuable for needy people. Do it for a social cause and donate clothes to help others and save time, resources, & efforts your packers & movers would take while packing them.

Outdated or broken electronics

Some old pieces of electronic items or outdated models of gadgets such as music players, phones, gaming consoles, cables, charges, dead batteries, desktops, etc. are nowhere seen in the house but kept in the corners of storerooms for years. Come on, for what you are waiting for before discarding or replacing broken electronics? Don’t think again if you have got some old equipment or electronic items that you can throw away rather than taking them to your new home with packers and movers. After all, your storeroom deserves more useful items than trash.

Broken showpieces or other home décor items

We all have some precious yet delicate pieces of decorative items such as fancy sculptures, imported crockery sets, antique paintings, & other home stuff that break down accidentally or develop cracks with time. Even though you don’t give up on them so easily, you have no reason to keep them as well. If it’s impossible to fix your broken home décor items then it is better to throw them away instead of packing them with other belongings.

Almost every professional packers and movers prevent over-packing items by sticking to these smart moving tips efficiently. They think twice and guide customers before packing and moving goods to ensure their convenience and satisfaction with their shifting experience.