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A shifting well-planned and arranged is an experience of lifetime bliss. Therefore, choosing the right packers and movers in Ghaziabad could mean to avail of a fully-licensed moving company to shift your valuables in a time-bond, damage-free, and comfortable manner.

  • Affordable service to suit every household budget.
  • Professionals endowed with excellent shifting management skills.
  • Round-the-clock customer-care support system.
  • Exceptional moving options: within or outside the city
  • Guarantee of safe and damage-free shifting.
  • Real-time updates of relocation.

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Packers and movers Ghaziabad offer you safe shifting services in a responsible manner. This involves taking care of every delicate shifting process; from packing, loading, unloading and then placing the items in the designated place of your new address. The entire shifting process, whether it is short or long-distance move, are carried out by our professionals endowed with excellent moving management skills

We professionally satiate your varying shifting requirements, like office, industrial items, household items, furniture, vehicle relocation or any important items of your consideration, in a responsible manner. This means exercising the utmost priority being set upon safe and damage-free shifting of your valuables to the pre-designated place of your choice. The entire shifting processes conducted by our skilled staffs are safe, time-bound, and responsibly managed.

We are one of the best packers and movers in Ghaziabad assisted by a team of highly experienced moving professionals and a fleet of vehicles, readily available to answer any shifting need of yours – anytime, anywhere! Our on-time shifting service bears a hallmark of our professionalism, ahead of the curve and a notch above other competitors.

Untroubled, damage-free, convenient and safe relocation of your movables within and across the country is the demonstration of our long-held maxim to satisfy our clients, a concept dedicated to serving you with all efficiency and expertise we endow as a responsible shifting company. This is what has placed our status as one of the top packers and movers Ghaziabad.

If interested, you can proceed with booking our service, by first selecting the specific type of shifting service you may want, supply information of pickup & drop location, and let us know the day and time. We would undertake on your supply of inputs right after you have made that available for us, thus ensuring a time-oriented and efficient shifting response to your needs.

We do expert-handling of varied items of different sizes and weights, like your household, commercial, store, domestic, vehicles, and other movables. Safe transit of these items is undertaken by our experts, ensuring zero-damage case scenarios of your valuables, including real-time updates to easily track the status of your movables en route.

At last, put your worry to rest and let our experts handle your shifting needs in a safe, easy, comfy, damage-free, and time-bound manner, to give you a painless shifting experience.



Safety of each and every movable lies heavily on its careful and expert-handling. Being one of the best packers and movers in Ghaziabad, we understand what it takes in the safe-packing of movables (new furniture or other bulky and heavy/light-weighted items) to ensure their utmost protection. This involves employing premium-quality packing materials to box-in your movable items separately, considering their structural strength. In other words, brittle items and those not susceptible to quick damage due to accidental reasons, are stored accordingly, in separate boxes labeled appropriately to avoid confusion of the contents after they have been shifted to a new address. Home-visitation of our expert to wrap and pack your items will be done a day before the scheduled relocation, to help you experience painless shifting.

To make shifting more time-efficient and comfortable for you, we have in our team the skilled manpower. They are adept at handling everything; from packing your items to their safe loading and unloading. In fact, the entire shifting process is done meticulously in the scheduled timeframe. Forget about shifting of heavy household objects or office movable items – with the best and most efficient company of Ghaziabad packers and movers at your disposal, the experience of stress-free, damage-free, and punctual shifting at the most affordable price concludes our shifting excellence, in its entirety. It is also a big reason behind our increasing reputation as one of the top-trusted packers and movers in Ghaziabad.

Loading & Unloading



Loading and Unloading

We lay concentrated focus on simplifying your shifting chore; thanks to our team of highlyexperienced and qualified professionals. They operate transportation of your items in a way acknowledged being safe, convenient, damage-free and totally affordable by clients, whom we served in the past, with distinction. We never entertain a dilatory shifting process, considering our experts know what it takes to deliver speedy shifting service, with surgical precision. This means the exclusion of all delays and inconvenience; thus, giving you the most comfortable and blissful moving experience.

Our responsibility knows no bounds when it comes to serving you with the most exceptional and competitive shifting service you may have witnessed elsewhere. Once your precious items are loaded and transported to the predesignated place of your choice, our experts conduct unpacking of each and every item meticulously. For this, every professional dedicates a wellthought-of strategy like ensuring placement of brittle items carefully. We ensure that heavy movable items are handled in a way leaving no chance for accidental fall or damage to other nearby objects at your new place. While we would appreciate your recommendations, regarding unpacking and placement of the movable items, we would also deem it our prudence to offer you our suggestions about the ways to be exercised to meet up with the requirement of safe and satisfactory shifting. The rapidity of our efficient unpacking by our experts underscore the service excellence that we so gladly offer to our clients.g of your stuff more efficiently, safely, and rapidly by expert professionals.


Unpacking & re-assembling

Types Of Services Provided By Packers & Movers In Ghaziabad


In household shifting, concentration is given to simplifying packing, loading, and unloading of your household items, based on their individual priority, plus structural strength (i.e. ensuring fragile items are handled carefully). Our team of highly-experienced, trustworthy and dedicated professionals has their respective specialization in matters associated with safe, convenient, and hassle-free household shifting by ruling out any chance for delays or inconvenience.


Regardless of the location to where you want your movable items shifted to, we carry the delicate responsibility of conducting every type of local and domestic shifting, according to your expectations. You just supply us details of your relocation (anywhere in India), to be executed further by experts, in the most efficient manner possible. With our speedy and efficient shifting services, any chance of delays or inconvenience is ruled out. Our experts take extra cautions to ensure safe handling of all goods right from their loading to delivery to the destined location.


Worry over bulky office items for safe shifting? Well, with best packers and movers in Ghaziabad at your disposal, you just pass this burden on our experts. We would undertake your office/corporate shifting (office equipment etc.) at the most affordable packers and movers price in Ghaziabad. The meticulous shifting carried out by our experts is the result of safe, convenient, and stress-free corporate relocation you experience later. Our experts take extra cautions to ensure safe handling of all goods right from their loading to delivery to the destined location.


If you feel at cleft stick over your vehicle and its safe shifting to a new place, we urge you not to rent space such concern in your mind. With reputable and trusted packers and movers in Ghaziabad at your service, all you need to do is to relax while our experts would do the talking – shifting your precious car/vehicle to your desired place. Experience a very comfortable, stress-free, and time-bound vehicle relocation service provided by our experts, at the most competitive car relocation service price in Ghaziabad.

Packers And Movers Ghaziabad For Local & Domestic Shifting

House Moving Size Local Shifting Charges Intercity Shifting Charges
1 BHK Flat/Apartment Rs 3,500 - 9,000 Rs 6,500 - 24,000
2 BHK Flat/Apartment Rs 5,000 - 13,000 Rs 8,500 - 28,000
3 BHK Flat/Apartment Rs 6,500 - 18,000 Rs 10,500 - 34,000
4/5 BHK Flat/Apartment Rs 8,500 - 25,000 Rs 15,500 - 48,000

Grab The Best Deals With Professional Movers & Packers In Ghaziabad

We provide affordable relocation services in Ghaziabad, anywhere in India you want your movable items shifted to. Being trusted and one of the most recognizable packers and movers in Ghaziabad, we assure you of safe, convenient and no-delay shifting, thus, giving you the unmistakable impression of our service excellence. By choosing our shifting service, you stand to grab the best deals, not in monetary terms, but also in cultivating a long-lasting relationship, to ensure we would be your first priority the next time you encounter any shifting need for your office/corporate, household or car relocation service. We have in our resource some of the most capable drivers to handle a wide fleet of movers/vehicles; such as trucks, bolero pickups, cantors, and a variety of other vehicles capable of carrying any movable items, regardless of their weight and size. Experience the comfort of doorstep shifting services at the most reasonable price.

How To Avail Packers & Movers Services In Ghaziabad

Fill out your requests
for packers and movers.

Filter out some options
catering your needs best.

Get confirmation notice
of your requested booking.

You can register your booking for the best packers and movers in Ghaziabad using our app for a seamless experience of booking your request, from anywhere in India. Raising your requests on the web or resorting to other means, use our app that will provide contact details of our professional shifting experts straight to you. Thus, you can easily book your requests for shifting your household items, office/corporate movables or vehicle, etc. To use our app better, please follow the brief guidelines as stated below –

  • Once downloaded, signup to our app using your credentials.
  • On homepage, carry on booking by choosing a service category relevant to your purpose
  • Furnish the detail of pickup & drop location. You can also set location on map given on the app.
  • Next, schedule the time for home visitation of professionals. Save the details.
  • View the calculated cost against shifting service. Click “Confirm” to finalise your request.
Shifting on Mind?


Why Should You Consider Hiring Our Packers & Movers in Ghaziabad?

High-quality packing material

To ensure damage-free shifting of your valuable movable items, we employ high-quality and premium packing material. This ensures avoidance of any conceivable dent/breakage or damage to your goods during the shifting process. Irrespective of the weight and size of your movables, the shipments are packed, ensuring extra attention to fragile items for their safety

24*7 Customer Care

Our round-the-clock customer support can assist you in knowing the status of shifting your movables. The team of eloquent experts in customer support can answer your queries and ensure the satisfaction of the same in a very prompt manner. For any concern regarding discrepancies with our service, voice your concern on the phone and we would resolve it under high priority.

Proactive & skilled hands

Our team of shifting professionals is skilled, experienced and highly-qualified. Thus, they carry out meticulously well-vetted shifting process consisting of neatly-packing of your movables to their safe transportation without causing any functional damage to them. With Shift Freight packers and movers, all the shipments are carefully handled, from packing, loading, unloading to unpacking.

Live location tracking

The feature of live location tracking of our app can help you be conversant with the shifting progress of your movable items. The location updates run real-time, thus helping you stay updated on your movables in transit. So, rest assured while your movables are being transported on-time.

Easy Refunds & cancellation

You are allowed to claim for refund or cancellation of our shifting service on our app, due to sudden change in your plan or dissatisfaction with our service. The request for cancellation and subsequent refund will be taken care of post-registration of the same at your behest.

Secure online payments

When it comes to making payment against the booked shifting service using our apps supporting Android and iOS platforms, you experience a highly secure payment gateway to transact your payment. Therefore, making cashless payments is not only simple but also secure.

Scheduled & Emergency Service

Our shifting service stipulated through your booking or the one booked under emergency, we can serve both the options efficiently, with multiple time slots. This means you have the leeway to book your request for shifting as per your time and convenience. Secondly, you can drop a request for emergency shifting, with requisite details.

Estimated Cost Before Booking

We offer you the option to know the estimated cost of your booking on our app. This means helping you save a lot of time in the mathematical calculation of charges and billing. Furthermore, the cost estimation or expected pricing of our shifting charges can also help you customize your request consistent with your budgetary requirement

Shifting Supervised By Experts

To ensure damage-free and convenient shifting of your movables in a time-bond manner, packers and movers in Ghaziabad ensure the same under the supervision of apt experts. They undertake the shifting process with the meticulous approach, ensuring all the goods are packed, loaded, & moved to your new address securely.

Tips For You

Steps to Ensure Safe Shifting With Packers & Movers in Ghaziabad

Make A Note Of Your Items

Don’t think that your hired packers and movers in Ghaziabad are trusted because of their reputation. Ensure that you keep an eye on each and every belonging being shifted. Take picture of them before they are loaded on a truck. It would help you track down your belongings once they are shifted to your new place.

Don’t Overstuff Items

Even though you use premium quality packing materials for your household goods, over stuffing them in a box could run the risk of damage or unnecessary scratches on your items. Moreover, the likelihood of your valuables getting damaged during packing or loading or unloading is higher.

Get Handle Fragile Items With Care

Fragile items need to be packed with extra caution to ensure their damage-free shifting on a truck. Better pack them in a box by half, and cover the rest space with soft materials to support the brittle items from getting damaged.

Give Bulky Items The First Priority Packing

Bulkier items, such as furniture, vehicles, and appliances etc. should be given first priority packing, considering they take relatively longer time in getting packed compared to smaller items.

Label The Items, Appropriately

Boxes for packing the items must be labelled with correct discretion of their contents. This is very important to ensure that once these items are shifted to a new place, their placement in specific room as labelled on box could be done without any hassle or confusion. Furthermore, it would also help you track your items and prioritize their placement accordingly.

Declutter Your Space

Unwanted items you think can barely be used in a new place should either be tossed aside or sold out. This is important because carrying these useless items could encumber your shifting charge, plus serving you no benefit at the new place. Selling them out would help you earn some extra bucks as well.

Avoid Getting Strained

With trusted packers and movers in Ghaziabad readily available to destress you regarding shifting, you don’t have to worry for anything. Your shifting needs will be handled by expert hands, without causing any damage to your valuables.


General FAQs for Packers and Movers Service in Ghaziabad

When should I schedule shifting service?

We advise you to schedule shifting at least a month in advance. It is good for avoiding the last minute rush. Since most people prioritize shifting on weekend or during a month-end, we advise you to book packers and movers in Ghaziabad prior to a week. You can also plan relocation, based on the type of shifting service you’re looking for and distance involved. In fact, shifting within a city requiring short-traveling should be booked at least three days before the planned shifting. And, if the chosen shifting is for another city requiring long-distance hauling, book the service at least a week before the scheduled relocation

What are the pricing factors for household and home shifting?

The pricing factors depend on movables to be shifted to, distance to be covered, and shifting day scheduled. This means, the cost of the items to be shifted vary according to their respective weight and numbers. Sometimes, a charge for full truckload is applicable, even though the entire items don’t cover up all truckloads. Secondly, the distance of the scheduled shifting also factors cost to a greater extent. Thirdly, the day of shifting involves varying costs, as per peak and low seasons. However, being one of the trusted packers and movers in Ghaziabad, we are always open to offering the best and most competitive shifting deals to our customers. Call us for more details on our friendly and competitive pricing.

What is the likelihood of my shifting getting delayed?

We exercise due diligence on making sure of timely shifting of your movables. We are very much sticking to the time-bound shifting at any cost. Under unavoidable circumstances, any chance for delay can officially be handled, like getting in touch with you.

Will I be able to track my vehicle while it’s in route?

Absolutely. In fact, we have our mechanism of technical competence like an online tracking system that allows you to track your items while en route.

How would you take care of shifting my fragile items?

We enforce practical measures involving delicate shifting process attended to fragile items. Skilled movers in our employment ensure the deployment of effective strategies, like packing items using high-quality premium materials ensuring the protection of your fragile items. Besides, loading and unpacking are done based on the respective tenderness of the brittle items. Being well-trained and experienced qualifies our staffs to carry out damage-free and high quality shifting of your delicate items; bulkier or small ones.

If hired, what responsibilities would packers and movers in Ghaziabad carry out?

Not even the slightest degree of negligence while maintaining responsibilities towards your movables at the time of shifting is exercised by our skilled movers. Therefore, when hired, rest assured of responsibilities that we would exercise in terms of safe and damage-free shifting of your essentials. From packing your movables to loading and unpacking them at your new address, the entire shifting process would responsibly be carried out, as scheduled, and in a time-bond manner, to your satisfaction.

In what exact timeframe would you conduct shifting my belongings?

The estimated timeframe for conducting a thorough and damage-free shifting involves consideration of various factors. For instance, the traveling distance from the pickup location to drop-location, apart from a number of items to be shifted, and their respective size and weight. The requirement of labor and type of loading truck chosen for the job would also influence shifting timeframe. However, we would like to assure you that you will have scheduled shifting under a stipulated timeframe, under standard rates.

What types of items do you forbid shifting?

Items of detrimental nature, like fuel gas, petroleum, extremely hazardous and those posing threats to environmental and civilians, such as explosives, are disallowed from being shifted.