I’ve planned a few short Checklists, To-do lists, What Not To Do lists, etc based on the day of moving, when to pack what, common mistakes, house cleaning, etc, etc. I think people are more likely to read shorter things that are in bullets rather than long-winded paragraphs… These can be designed also with funny/cute graphics/clip art.Let me know what you think.

THE FIRST NIGHT New place, new people, it’s been a long day. The packers and movers have put in the last of the boxes and they are everywhere and you are too tired to care. But wait, there’s no hand wash. Or better still, the electricity just went and there’s no torch, or candle or matchbox. This could be the beginning of a nightmare, or not. Prepare an Open-First box. This can be more helpful than you think!

Be Practical
· Phone Chargers
· Torchlight/ Night Lamp
· Garbage Bags
· Hammer, Pliers, Screwdriver, Scissors
· Basic Cleaning Supplies, Rubber Gloves
· Pen and Paper
· First-Aid Kit
For the Kids
· Bedding, Toothbrush, Toothpaste
· Night Pajamas, Change of Clothes
· Favorite Toy, Night Light
· Entertainment: Crayons, Coloring Books, Laptop/Tablet/ DVD Player
· Baby Supplies: Baby Food/ Formula, Bottle/ Sipper, Diapers/ Wipes, Pacifier, Spoon, Play Pack
You’ve got to Eat
· Paper plates, Paper napkins, disposable cups and spoons
· Tea/Coffee, Milk powder (just in case), Mugs, Electric Kettle
· Snacks, Morning Cereal, Water Bottles
· Pet Food, Feeding Bowls
For You
· Bedding, Toiletries, Night Suit
· Towel, Soap, Toilet Paper
· Work Clothes
· Headache/ Allergy/ Backache medication
· Important Documents: checkbook, passport, birth certificates, ID cards, vehicle license/ papers