So, now you don’t need to wait anymore as the most anticipated day of shifting is finally arriving. But are you sure that you’ve done all the necessary arrangements for it? Most probably you’re all set to relocate to the new address with packers and movers not only for the safety of your goods but also for your convenience. Considering the significant advantages of shifting with a moving company, people tend to approach local vendors to move their goods with a full-service movement process that includes packing, loading, shipping, unloading, & unpacking of movables.

Hiring a moving firm is a good decision if you’re paying for packing & moving of goods along with materials needed for the packing of your precious belongings. In case if packing things are not provided with their on-demand packers and movers then you need to arrange adequate moving supplies to avoid the last-minute rush on the final shifting day. Worry not, you’ve plentiful options to arrange all necessary items from the online store or local market.

Varieties of essential moving supplies you need for damage-free relocations

When you’re required to make all arrangements for packing and moving on your own then it is a prerequisite to do it a week before the scheduled day of shifting. You must be wondering about the type of moving supplies to need to keep handy to save your time and move without delays and discomfort.

Even if you are self-packing your belongings, you need to stock up the right type packing stuff to protect movables from breakages or damages during the move. To help you in getting all your moving things ready, we’ve prepared a detailed moving supplies checklist with varied types of packing material used by packers and movers for the safety of goods. Here are some key categories of moving supplies you must get for easy shifting:

Types of packing boxes

For keeping all types of fragile and sturdy items, you must get cardboard boxes of both small and large sizes. To avoid overstuffing things into one box, you need a good count of packing boxes for risk-free movements of all goods you own. Make sure you’ve got a sufficient number of boxes of different sizes so that you don’t have to rush for getting more on the day of moving.

Be clear that you need large boxes to keep bulky items and small ones for packing fragile goods. Although some packers and movers use special plastic containers for moving goods you can use cardboard boxes or cartons as they are more economical & environment friendly. Here are the types of packing boxes you will find in the market:

  • Small packing boxes: They’re suitable for both heavy items such as books and sensitive things like kitchenware and small & fragile showpieces.
  • Medium packing boxes: They’re ideal for packing glassware, crockery, dishes, & other fragile items of compact size.
  • Large packing boxes: They’re meant for medium-sized goods that are also light in weight such as apparels, cushions, home décor items, etc.
  • Extra-large packing boxes: Ideal for packing soft & padded things like comforters, blankets, bedsheets, large pillows, stuffed toys, etc.
  • Dish & glass packing boxes: They are special boxes with compartments & padded surface, great for packing delicate items like wine glasses, plates, & other fragile things.

Apart from these popular packing boxes used by our packers and movers, you will also come across electronic boxes for keeping appliances or devices and heavy-duty boxes for heavyweight goods.

Types of packing materials

You will find varieties of packing supplies for moving your valuables with definite care. Make sure that you are getting all these important packing material of the best quality:

  • Bubble wrap: Use this to wrap delicate items to secure them during the move. Bubble wraps provide cushioning to the breakables kept in the boxes.
  • Packing tape: Packers and movers use 5 types of tapes to secure all cardboard boxes/cartons that are:


  1. Packing tape for sealing moving boxes
  2. Masking tape for labeling packed boxes
  3. Shipping tape for securing two or more boxes together
  4. Painter’s tape for marking boxes with electronic appliances & devices
  5. Strapping & duct tape for sealing cartons with heavy items

Scissors & toolbox: A pair of scissors is a much-needed packing device while a box of all tools like hammer, cordless drill, screwdriver, wrench, etc. is also required to disassemble your household items in minimum efforts.

Wrapping paper & coverings: All of your expensive furniture such as sofa set, dining & dressing tables, wooden chairs, curtains, wall hangings, paintings, antique pieces, etc. need extra care during the relocation process. It is better to use covers and packing paper to keep them away from unwanted moisture and stains.

Apart from all the above moving supplies, don’t forget to buy a permanent marker for labeling your goods and other useful stuff to clean up your present residence before leaving. Even if you are moving with packers and movers, you must keep all these moving supplies ready before the ultimate shifting day comes.