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Book movers on demand & avoid last-mile hassle with all-time availability of the largest fleet of loading trucks for all shifting needs. Make instant bookings and get modern & well-equipped vehicles to move your valuable goods with zero delays and hassles. Enjoy easy, affordable, & quality shifting by using Shift Freight for rapid movers services in Delhi/NCR.

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Make shifting more convenient & quick by switching to Shift Freight, a platform to search & hire rapid movers in Noida at one place. Why go through the chaotic process involved in searching the right loading vehicle to move your goods on own when you can reach out reliable movers in Gurgaon at your doorsteps. Planning to relocate soon? Save your time, energy, & money by booking the desired loading truck on Shift Freight as per the desired time slot & rates. With a commitment to quality, promptness, & guaranteed satisfaction, customers can avail perks of quality-based movers services in Delhi/NCR on Shift Freight without compromising with their comfort and requirements quoted in the requests. Choose any from a fleet of loading vehicles ranging from 3-wheeler tempos, small trucks, pick-up movers, & loading canters of varied capacities & sizes for sophisticated accommodation of items to be moved for both shorter and longer distances.

Why Do You Need to Hire Movers in Delhi/NCR?

Tired of finding the right movers to shift your goods? Shift Freight is the best platform to hire loading trucks or movers to relocate homes, offices, stores, vehicles, & all types of movables. If you’ve ever shifted your stuff earlier then you might be familiar with the struggles of finding the right type of movers in Delhi/NCR.

Your worries end here at Shift Freight as our platform presents the largest fleet of speed-driven loading-trucks, large-sized canters, three-wheeler tempo, small pick-up trucks, & varied models of modern vehicles for successful shifting.

To avoid the risks of getting your valuables damaged during the move, you need to hire spacious, well-maintained, & extra-efficient movers in Delhi/NCR. We know that getting a loading truck is a big hassle & time-consuming nowadays and that’s why we suggest you switch to Shift Freight and save your precious time & efforts.

3 Wheeler Tempo

3-Wheeler Tempo

A 3-wheeler tempo is one of the best options to move lightweight packages of compact size. If you don’t have a lot of stuff to move then a 3-wheeler tempo is an ideal choice to accommodate & move the packages at economical rates. The maximum load capacity of 3-wheeler champion movers in Ghaziabad is approx. 700 kg and its dimensions are of 5.9ft*4.6ft*0.9ft.

Whether it is about moving a small one-bedroom apartment or just household furniture or item of medium size, a 3-wheeler tempo is preferable for smoother & safer transportation of goods.

Bolero Pick-up

With modern design updates and mechanical add-ons, Bolero Pick-up is the right vehicle to move multiple lightweight furniture items such as a brand new sofa, mattresses, boxes, & other pieces of stuff at once. You must choose these ultra-spacious movers in Delhi/NCR to carry various movables altogether including 1-bedroom apartments of standard dimension.

The excellent loading capacity & strength of pickup trucks makes them favourable to withstand a maximum load of around 1000kg. The dimension of Bolero pick-up mover is 8.3ft*5.6ft*6.1ft.

Bolero Pick Up

small truck swaraj mazda

Small Trucks ( Swaraj Mazda)

These heavy-duty Swaraj Mazda trucks go well with your shifting needs as they’re well-suited for long-distance transportation of goods. The varying size dimensions and load capacity of these Swaraj Mazda trucks range from 9.5ft to 14ft and 4000kg-5000kg.

Using these capable city trucks for the urban move is a great decision for hassle-free relocation of house, offices, stores, & other heavyweight items with ultimate comfort & care. These small yet extra spacious trucks are considerable options for mover services in Delhi/NCR.

Canters ( 14ft, 17 ft, 19ft)

Canters are the perfect options to move extra-large and heavy shipments with large-sized & bulky items for both short & long distance moves. Boxed truck movers services are meant to move heavy-weight items such as heavy appliances & equipment, huge furniture, fragile & luxury items with highly secure cargo packaging as they’re too large to be parcelled for shipping.

Canters are powerful, sturdy, & very spacious enough to carry bigger Freight shipments for residential & commercial moves. The standard size dimensions of most-preferred canters in Delhi/NCR are 14ft, 17ft, & 19ft with maximum loading capacity of 4000kg, 5000kg, & 6000kg.


Specialties of Movers You Will Get

Modern & fully-equipped

Well-maintained Vehicles

Spacious & Safe Trucks

Some Advantages Of Shift Freight Movers Services

On-duty Trucks

Find the nearest movers on-demand with all-time availability of a fleet of various types of movers in Delhi/NCR.

Pricing Estimates

Check out estimated costs of any of service instantly along with booking confirmation.

Quick & Simplified Booking

Use our user-friendly platform to facilitate hassle-free booking experience with one-click access to various types of modern movers/trucks.

Flexible Time Slots

Choose one from “Scheduled” and “Emergency” options and time slots to avail advanced booking as per your convenience.

Real-time Locating

Keep track on the location of movers in Delhi/NCR on your fingertips and get real-time updates with peace of mind.

All-time Assistance

We present a 24*7 customer support system to facilitate immediate assistance to customers with their queries on movers services in Delhi/NCR.