‘Moving things is all about putting things on a truck & dropping them to final destination’, this is one of the biggest misconceptions we all have about packers and movers services. The reality is far away from what we think about the jobs and responsibilities of shifting service providers. The current scenario of logistics companies reflects a drastic transformation in the facilities and range of services offered to the customers with particular needs for household, office, commercial, industrial goods relocation & automobile transportation. Hence, besides shifting goods from one location to another, customers can expect more from any moving company they hire for moving.

A lot of moving agencies are offering value-added services with a bundle of benefits to attract more clients. Apart from loading and moving things, modern packers and movers help in packing goods, lifting & loading, unloading, and unpacking them at the new address. There is nothing to get surprised if your packers and movers service provider carry out these tasks apart from performing their general duties:

Clearing out a passage for moving goods in the garage or basement area

A lot of time is saved when combined efforts are made to prepare things to move. Most shifting experts start with clearing out the ways in the garage, rooms, or basement to carry the goods or stuff kept inside. In this way, they avoid last-minute rush while carrying or lifting the possessions straight to the loading truck.

Removing or disassembling objects on the spot

Before getting started with packing and loading, packers and movers help people in removing or disassembling furniture like detachable sofa sets, bed, dressing table, wooden chairs, etc., and electronics like a refrigerator, air-condition, chimneys, purifiers, desktops, workstations, & more. You don’t have to call an electrician or to do these tasks if your shifting staff is trained in handling such technical operations.

Packing and loading goods to the moving truck

Almost every moving company promotes packing and moving as value-added services as a part of their packages. But highlighting them as additional facilities doesn’t make sense as packers and movers are supposed to pack, load, move, & unload goods if a customer opts for full-service packers and movers. Hence, there is nothing wrong with asking your moving company to do complete packing, loading, shifting, unloading, & unpacking of packages without adding extra charges to the final bill.

Lifting heavy items at both pickup & drop locations

No matter how many items & types of goods are meant to be moved, packers and movers won’t ask you to join or bring more individuals to help in lifting or transferring objects from one point to another. They bring lifting equipment or hauling tools to get those huge pieces of furniture and devices from stairs or front door without causing any damage or breakages. At the same point in time, they also ensure that all tasks are being done in minimum time & hassles.

Unloading, unpacking, & re-assembling goods after delivery

Besides moving consignment safely from pickup to final delivery address, packers and movers take a charge of unloading and unpacking stuff with utmost care. Since some movables like electronic items and furniture need to be assembled properly by experts, it is better to call a technician to re-assemble them to avoid damages due to technical issues or wrong connections.

For your knowledge, it is very important to differentiate between movers and packers & movers services. If you are opting for movers services then you’re renting a truck for loading and moving purposes but if you’ve hired packers and movers then you will be getting a complete package of relocation services with packing, loading, shipping, unloading, & unpacking as major facilities available. In other words, you don’t have to worry about packing supplies, transportation, & delivery of goods with packers and movers.