Can you guess the toughest task to do during home relocations? Well, most packers and movers in Noida, India, & other nations say that amongst all types of delicate items, furniture, glassware, & other fragile yet premium household objects, moving electronic appliances and devices has always been the most difficult job for them. Movables like refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, inverters, & your brand new television, etc. deserve extra care when they’re moved to a new place. Therefore, the question arises on how to pack a TV for moving, or how to pack all the other electronic stuff?

Just like our other customers, you too will be more concerned about the safety of all electronic appliances as they’re very expensive & useful for any homeowner. Since relocating your home is not all just transporting from old to a new location, it involves planning, packing, & professional packers and movers in Noida, Delhi, Ghaziabad, & other metro cities of India, every reliable shifting service provider will suggest you follow some useful tips while packing an LCD TV effortlessly & safely.

How to Pack a TV For Moving? Tips to Follow to Avoid Damages & Unnecessary Mess During a Move

No matter if your TV is assembled in a wall-mounted position or simply placed on a table, you must disassemble it carefully with the help of one of two people. We advise you to follow these steps once you un-mount your TV securely to further carry out the packing & loading process.

Take pictures of all connections

Before disassembling your TV, don’t forget to click several pictures of wiring & cables connecting it to accessories like a set-top box, adapters, sound systems, game consoles, DVD players, or more. Taking photos of cables connected to your TV will help you later while assembling this appliance back to your new residence.

Mark each cable separately

Our packers and movers Noida suggest clients label the cables by using a piece of colored tape for each input on the TV. You may need to use tape of different colors & write labels like ‘Playstation’ or ‘Power’ so that you can match the cables correctly to the inputs available on the television. Try this trick to thank us later!

Keep all cables & TV accessories together

Don’t forget to keep all wires & accessories attached to your LCD TV safely in a separate box. Instead of stuffing cables together by folding them, you must wind them round & place them in a box to avoid the loss or damage during the move. Close the box & label it as TV cables so that you find them in one place & get your TV assembled back without facing any difficulties.

Dismount your TV carefully with your packers & movers

Although packers & movers in Noida are highly skilled at lifting & loading of goods, they stay very cautious to reduce the risks of damages while doing these minor tasks. Even a slight mistake in disassembling the electronic appliances can cause serious damage to the wall, appliance, or the person handling them at the moment. It might take a few minutes but by taking these precautions your TV will be dismounted safely with the help of two or three professionals.

Don’t ever do this task in a hurry or on your own, even if your TV is comparatively smaller & lighter than other appliances, its screen is prone to suffer damages during relocations.

Apply the right technique to remove the TV from the base

It is very simple to remove your TV if it is placed on a table or stand as your packers & movers in Noida will quickly detach the LCD from its base/stand. However, things will turn quite tricky in case if it is mounted on a wall. We advise you to rely only on professionals who can remove a wall-mounted TV safely & smoothly so that it can be packed appropriately for further loading & transportation.

Clean the surfaces of the TV using soft cloth: Before your packers in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, & NCR start packing your TV, clean away the dirt & dust clumped on it as they may scratch the screen or damage its internal surfaces during the move. Sprinkle screen cleaner on the screen & clean it using a soft cotton cloth.

Use packing material of the superior quality

It is recommended to get high quality packing supplies to avoid even a single scratch on your belongings. Packing material like bubble wraps, cardboard boxes, thermocol sheets, wrapping sheets, packing tape, & other things required to pack your TV with added safety & care.

One of the most important tips on how to pack a TV for moving is to stay calm and patient even if you’re opting for packers & movers services in Noida, Delhi, & other areas of NCR. Also, get in touch with your cable operator before the shifting day so that you can ask them to arrange the service at your new place & disconnect the existing cable connections at the old home. Even if you follow all the above tips & suggestions, you can trust your packers & movers in terms of safe & timely relocations of home & office.