The packers and movers industry is the popular one for lodging complaints by customers against movers. Due to the frequent growth of scams and frauds in shifting domains by fake relocation companies, the condition for those individuals who are thinking of moving in the future has worsened. As it is already known that the relocation process involves several tasks to do, if accidentally you would be targeted by scammers, it can add a horrifying experience for you.

When you shift, you carry different costly belongings with you that need special care. So, it will be ideal for you to be attentive at the time of hiring packers and movers

Types of scams done by moving companies:

The fraud shifting companies use several types of schemes to attract people. They use smart methods to trap customers and charge irrelevant amounts of money for various things. Let’s discuss a few of them:

Low-priced service estimates

This is a general method used by fraudulent movers to get the attention of innocent customers. When you approach such shifting crews for scheduling your relocation, they can quote you with a high service price in the initial phase but if you refuse to hire them, suddenly they would be ready to provide services at a low-priced rate. So, you need to think twice in such situations as it may be riskier for you.

Most of you who usually get ready to avail moving services at the lowest cost may have to encounter pain and panicking situations. You may have to face problems related to goods stealing, damaged items, and overcharging money in the name of manpower, extra work, and additional time-taken. So beware of such scams.

Advance payments

When your scheduled movers ask to deposit an amount of money, don’t be ready to do so as this could be a trick. It is normal that you pay some advanced money to movers but before doing that, it is essential to check their records. For doing so, you can go through the customer reviews that have been posted on different websites. 

More often, if you hire professional packers and movers, they ask you to pay a nominal amount of money in the form of tokens before starting the process of relocation. But the fraudsters can demand a big amount to pay in advance and will disappear at the time of the move. You can keep yourself safe from such fake service providers by being attentive and careful.

In a circumstance where you are paying a moving amount as an advance, then avoid paying that in cash. Always try to do the deposits through cheque or by transferring money to a bank account. For making payments, you can even make use of credit cards. Also, don’t forget that if you have paid the total moving fee in advance, you can lose control over movers.

Vague contract

In case you hire professional packers and movers, they will definitely provide you a written agreement that you need to sign. While signing the contract, you should keep in mind that it includes all required details whether it is service price, types of services, essential packing materials, goods delivery date, insurance policy, etc.

Other than that, it should be clearly mentioned in the contractual agreement that there is no additional surprising moving fee apart from the fixed cost. Thus, ensure that you have signed a proper contract before employing the movers.

For a particular situation, when you find the contract blank or unclear, this is simply a scam. It would be great if you don’t entertain such moving companies that don’t show interest in providing you a written agreement. Avoid signing a blank contract even if someone close has suggested you with the name of the particular shifting company.

At the time of hiring a mover for your relocation needs, ensure to get everything in writing and check every single point mentioned in the contract thoroughly. If you are not able to understand the terms and conditions mentioned in the contractual paper, clear all of them before signing it. The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that the contract needs to be in the printed form with the official letterhead.

Insurance scams

Providing insurance for goods is the most essential part of an effective moving service. The recognized packers and movers will definitely provide you with such kinds of facilities. They will take responsibility for all your damages.

But there are certain conditions where fraudsters play games in the name of covering insurance for goods. Usually, the fake companies will charge you for insurance but they don’t provide such facilities at all. In such instances, if accidentally your goods will be damaged, then you may have to face an agonizing situation. That is why it is crucial for you to explore information related to insurance before hiring a shifting company.

There are actually two types of insurance, one is All-inclusive and the other one is Goods transit. If it is goods transit, then the insurance coverage will be only for the insurable items that would be damaged during the transportation process. The insurance charge for the goods transit is almost 1.5% of the actual value of the goods. In all-inclusive insurance, all goods will be covered that need to be transported from your existing location to the new one. Multiple packers and movers in Faridabad ensure to cover all goods for insurance, hiring them for the relocation services can even be a better option.

Fake business address

Usually, fraudulent moving companies don’t provide you with an actual office address. They execute their business operations via websites by providing fake address details. If you hire such packers and movers, you will definitely get into trouble.

An authenticated shifting company needs to have a physical address so that you can visit them and meet their company representative personally. There are companies that just mention their city name on their website, this simply means that they don’t have any actual address. Therefore, it is essential to verify the business address of the company before approaching them.

Don’t do an in-house survey

Most of the time, fake moving firms just give you a service price estimate over a phone call but it is the wrong practice. You don’t need to consider it as they may end up paying an additional moving fee after completing the shift. This will add an unpleasant experience for you.

It is true that even professional packers and movers give you estimates on a call but they do come for an in-house survey to analyze the approximate cost to move your belongings. In case if the relocation service provider doesn’t show any interest in doing a physical survey of your goods, you need to know the purpose of doing that. It can be one of the methods to trap you.

Now, there shouldn’t be any confusion in understanding that if a relocation firm has not mentioned a name, logo, and contact number on their truck, it completely declares that the moving business is unauthenticated. So, there is not any reason left to hire them.


Of course, moving frauds are awful and stressful but can be controlled if we take precautions. It is essential for all of us to do prior research before hiring a moving service provider. Also, following the details mentioned in this post can help us in protecting ourselves from all types of shifting scams. However, to reach the pre-verified movers located all around India, you can use the Shift Freight platform. While using the website, you can apply the search filter like packers and movers in Faridabad or even look out for other Indian cities depending on your relocation needs.