The safety of goods is a crucial aspect of professional shifting done by packers and movers at any reputed moving company. Whether it’s a household move or office relocation, keeping your goods safe from the potential risks of damages or breakages remains a priority for the concerned team of moving experts. After all, every home or office place has some sort of expensive furniture, decorative items, or other stuff made up of premium wooden.

With careful handling of goods from packers and movers Delhi NCR and other states of India, your worries for the safest movement of your classy sofa set, wardrobes, dining table, dressing stand, bed, and other fancy furniture would eventually come to an end. Considering all your concerns about the unseen safety hazards of moving goods from one place to another, the best packers and movers in Noida apply appropriate methods while packing, lifting, and loading goods with ultimate care. Apart from other household goods, shifting professionals take extra measures to conduct damage-free relocations of heavy-duty furniture and wooden pieces.

If you are interested to know the best ways to keep your wooden furniture safe during relocation, here are a few tips to protect them from unwanted, expensive, and irreparable damages:

Put your furniture in order

Start with de-cluttering all sorts of wooden items before the scheduled arrival of your packers and movers in Delhi NCR. Make an inventory of all the pieces of furniture placed in the living room, bedroom, balcony, & other areas of a home, sofa set kept at your office’s entry, or other possessions so that your packers and movers service provider can arrange the right type of packing material for safety.

Mark each furniture item and mention accurate details of their size with measurements of height, width, weight & other dimensional information. Don’t forget to inspect your goods before getting them packed as it is important to note the signs of damages, imperfections, & other marks that already exist on them. This will later help you in comparing and identifying new damages attained after the successful relocation. Keep knobs, drawers, & other attached components of your furniture separately so that your packers and movers can pack and move them securely.

Get all packing supplies in advance

Most packers and movers in Noida provide packing material with their full-service shifting package. But in case if you’ve hired them only for goods transportation then keeping all necessary items for packing your furniture is all you need to do at this point. Keep stuff like bubble wraps, wrapping paper, moving boxes or cartons, packing tape or duct, moving blankets, cardboard sheets, shrink wraps, air-filled protection sheets, plastic bags, highlighters, papers, etc. ready to provide an extra layer of protection to your beloved furniture. To reduce the expenditure in purchasing packing supplies, you can also use crumpled papers, newspapers, discarded clothes, garbage bags, or other unused household items for packaging purposes.

Be careful while dissembling

Never rush while removing or de-cluttering your furniture. The pieces of accessories attached with your modern furniture must be dissembled carefully by a team of 3-4 packers and movers. Detach the bed frame first and further remove other components attached to the bed. Packing & loading each part of your furniture one by one would take less manpower & time than handling it entirely at once.  This could be the safest attempt for the safety of packers and movers as well as the movable item.

Pack them properly

The advantage of perfect packing your goods serves excellent protection from external damages. Packers and movers take responsibility for packing each furniture item appropriately to keep dust, scratches, moisture, & damages at bay. Use large sheets of packing paper and flat-shaped cardboards to cover furniture of a regular size or simply wrap them using old t-shirts, rugs, towels, or clothes that you may not wear again. Make sure that your packers and movers are using high-quality items for packaging purposes.

Household furniture goods are not fragile but highly prone to scratches or damages due to external factors. Therefore, apart from noting these tips, one must consult the best packers and movers to get the right guidance for shifting wooden items & furniture with uncompromised care & safety.