The pain of getting your expensive crockery broken is what nobody wants to feel. Nothing is more risky & difficult to move extra fragile objects especially glassware, crockery, dishes, & other items used in your kitchen. The fear of losing your favorite glass of wine will make you worry a lot if you are planning to relocate them in the absence of packers and movers Delhi NCR. If you move with a team of shifting professionals then you can stay carefree regarding the safety of your goods specifically those that are highly prone to collapse if not packed & loaded safely. In this blog, we will find out how to pack dishes when moving with packers & movers.

Knowing that finding broken pieces of your crockery right after unpacking them on the day of shifting will be the worst nightmare ever you, we want you to know some worthy tips to pack & move your dishes safely with office & home shifting service provider anywhere in India & other nations.

But before listing tips to avoid risks of breakages to your dishes, you must know more about the advantage of packing fragile items like glasses, crockery, etc. & type of material used for it!

List of Packing Material Used to Pack Dishes

When the question comes on how to pack your dishes when moving, you must fill even a pin-point space b/w them. Safety is the foremost reason why most movers and packers in Noida, Delhi, Ghaziabad, & other metro cities advise using packing paper to fill up the gaps in between the highly breakable dishes. You can even pack glassware or crockery made up of fine china material by using the following packing items:

  • Dish boxes
  • Bubble wraps
  • Packing paper
  • Medium-sized boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Labels & markers
  • Medium-sized cardboard boxes

You can also use printed newspaper as it will be the best way to recycle them. Moreover, the purpose of using a dish box is to provide extra protection to dishes & other delicate items you want to move. Dish boxes are quite sturdy and they can hold breakable dishes alongside shock absorbance quality to keep the movables safe during the transit.

Quick Steps to Pack Dishes with Packers & Movers

The secrets packing your glassware & dishes easily without breaking them are similar to the ways shifting professionals pack other fragile items. However, we suggest these 5 simple ways to pack kitchen utensils or dishes with utmost care & safety:

1. Keep each box separately & seal them safely using packing tape. Make sure that boxes can withstand the weight of dishes & glassware kept in them. Secure the boxes using tape so that they won’t cave under the weight of items they are carrying.
2. Simply place a packing paper on the floor or flat surface & keep each item safely in the middle of it. The first step is to start wrapping the dishes completely and secure the packing using tape in the next step so that you can keep them safely into the box.
3. To ensure the safety of the items kept in the box, the surface of each box or carton must remain soft & padded. Use crumpled paper to make it more cushiony at the bottoms so that dishes won’t collide or suffer damage during the shipping process.
4. You can keep more than one dish in a single box if it is very spacious. Packers and movers try a smart trick of packing more items in one box by using extra balls of paper or pieces of cloth to fill in the gaps b/w two items. That’s the best way of packing multiple dishes in one place. We suggest you keep heavier items on the bottom & lighter ones on the top of them.
5. Once you’re done with packing & stacking of dishes in the boxes, the final step is sealing the box securely using packing tape. Before you tape it, don’t forget to place some piece of balled up paper on the top just like you did with the bottom. Close the box using tape & label it as ‘handle with care’ using a marker.

More Ways to Pack Your Dishes

The job of packing dishes & every fragile item demands perfection. Therefore, the task must be assigned to the trained packers & movers only just for the safe moving of dishes. Even if you’re not expert in packing, here are some tips for you to make you ready to pack all delicate items appropriately:

  • Always pack bulkier dishes first
  • Place dishes in a stand straight position
  • Use towels or cloth to reduce the use of packing paper
  • Make bottoms of boxes padded & comfy
  • Label each box either as ‘fragile items inside’ or ‘handle with care’
  • Be gentle on the dishes & boxes while packing & loading them to the truck.
  • Avoid exceeding weight of boxes more than 45 pounds

After knowing all the descriptive details, we can surely say that now you know how to pack your dishes when moving under the supervision of skilled packers and movers for hassle-free & safe relocation of your precious belongings at affordable prices.