Is selecting the right moving box makes you scratch your head? Well, there is no reason to hesitate in this as there many people who can’t make a perfect choice with stuff used by packers and movers for goods packing. Knowing the importance of adequate packing of movables, moving companies utilize quality packaging supplies like bubble wraps, cartons/boxes, paper & sheets, highlighters, packing tape, etc. for the safe movement of everything they shift. Each and every article demands a specific type of packing material to reduce the risks of potential damages and breakages that usually occur during the shifting process.

Why do packers & movers recommend using an ideal moving box?

Most experienced packers and movers are familiar with some handful of packing techniques to ensure the safety of your belongings but they always ensure to stay precise with the type of moving boxes they are going to use for packing purposes. Why? The motive is to safeguard packages from getting ruined during the move. There are certain items that cannot be packed in the same manner other goods are kept in a box and that’s why you need to be quite specific while choosing moving boxes.

The packing of fragile objects like kitchen crockery, glassware, china-made decorative showpieces, wall hangings, etc. demands extra padding while things heavy things like furniture, electronic appliance, vehicle, & other household items.

Apart from popular packing material used by moving companies, moving boxes are the most preferred choice of shifting service providers as they are ideal for carrying all types of goods for both short & long-distance movement of goods. No matter if you are shifting with packers and movers or doing it on your own, you surely need the best moving boxes for damage-free transportation of products.

Types of moving boxes used by packers and movers

You can pick a moving box as per the size, shape, and type of items you are keeping in it. The texture and material of a packing box matter a lot in protecting your goods during the transit process. Packers and movers usually bring cardboard or plastic moving boxes that are specially designed for goods packing.

However, you will come across these 4 types of moving boxes or cartons while exploring the local market for premium packing supplies:

LINEN BOX: They are ideal for keeping large and lightweight items like pots, pans, plastic showpieces, artificial flowers, etc. Even though linen boxes are quite large in size, you must not use them for packing heavy objects as their base will break down by doing so. We suggest you stuff papers or towels in the empty space left in b/w the objects kept inside the box so as to avoid scratches or cracks & the irritating sound of items.

WARDROBE BOX: One of the most preferred options for packing wardrobe essentials without ruining their folds. Wardrobe boxes are usually 4-feet tall in height & they’re attached with a bar for hanging clothes. Packers and movers also put other soft items of different shapes and size like cushions, pillows, stuff toys, umbrellas, etc. in these boxes. However, it is advised to avoid keeping heavy and wooden objects in wardrobe boxes.

BOOK BOXES: You can easily find book boxes in every store of packing supplies. They’re comparatively smaller in size and sturdier in structure, probably used for packing heavy books, CD’S, photo albums, magazines, handy gadgets, bathroom essentials, cosmetic bottles, etc. If you’re using them for packing fragile yet heavy objects then you must wrap them completely using packing paper and keep them safely with proper padding.

CHINA BOX: The name defines the purpose of using these boxes as packers and movers get china boxes for perfect packing of delicate items. Since fragile objects are highly prone to suffer damages during the move, shifting professionals always pick china boxes to keep them safe throughout the shifting process.

If you’ve got professional packers and movers for moving your goods then you don’t have to worry about the packing problems. Your shifting service provider will take care of all packing requirements including the right type of moving boxes for protecting your belongings.