Our modern lifestyle demands relocation for various reasons. It can be for educational purposes, job opportunities, retirement, health reasons, or simply changing the neighbourhood. When it comes to house shifting, people look for the best and cheapest option to make the relocation smooth and trouble-free. This article will shed light on the best mode of hassle-free house shifting services in the market. There are several choices available in the market today, but the option that makes the most sense for home shifting is the hiring of online home shifting services.


  • What is the process of using online house shifting services?
  • Benefits of online home shifting option
  • What are the other modes of house shifting?
  • Comparison of the online portal with the other modes
  • 4 FAQs on House shifting services

How to do it? A Very Simple Process:

It would be advantageous to know about the whole process of shifting your home belongings when using an online house shifting portal. 

Here is the process described step by step – 

  1. Go to the moving company’s website and leave your name, number and others on the platform.


  1. You will get a call back for the details. Give the necessary information about your articles to be transported. This way, there will be no communication gap left. In addition, you can share images of your items using WhatsApp for a better understanding of the items’ shape, form, and size on the packer’s part.


  1. You’ll get a quote from the company and the agreement via email. Please read the agreement, i.e., transportation fees, the duties of the packer & mover, the customer’s responsibilities, valuation of belongings as mentioned to them, the complete cost details of the order, advance details etc. In addition, the agreement lists all the terms and conditions of services they’ll give.


  1. Make an advanced payment, if it’s in the agreement, using digital payment methods like Paytm, Google pay, etc., sitting in the comfort of your home.


  1. On the agreed date, movers and packers will come and do the packing. They will pack the items as agreed and prepare a list and consignment note. After that, they’ll load it on the direct truck if it’s a full-truckload of materials (occupy space of the entire track). 

They will take goods to their godown on a local truck if it’s not a full truck but a part-load consignment. The items will be unloaded at the godown and again loaded onto the direct truck for the main journey. This process involving the godown movement is called the transhipment of goods. 

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The next step is unloading the items at the destination and unpacking them. They’ll also place the main items in their proper place in your home as per your instructions. Finally, they will remove the leftover packing materials from your premises. Once all this is done, they get the papers of Goods Received signed by you for completion of their responsibilities.


  1. You then make the balance payment after getting the receipt of the goods.


  1. In case of damaged or missing items, you invoke the insurance cover for your incurred loss, and the insurance company settles the claim. 


Now isn’t this a great customer experience waiting to be had?



When hiring the services from an online portal of home shifting services, one should know its benefits and advantages.

So, let’s get started with that.

1. Anywhere, Anytime Availability:

This online mode of booking home shifting services is available 24×7. The website is always there, and the call centre is also functional 24×7 to receive your order and answer queries.

2. Better infrastructure, better organised:

It’s got superb processes for all possible help you can ever ask for. Moreover, they have the infrastructure and support to back your needs. Thus it’s more reliable.

3. In-transit support, last-mile care:

One can track the consignment anytime. There is a dedicated resource to handle each order from start to finish. Such support is available 24×7, via phone or internet. Someone not getting a proper resolution can escalate the matter, and higher management steps in immediately to sort things out. 

4. Technology-based:

The entire setup is internet-based. Thus, it’s needless to say that technology is the backbone of the whole operation. And then man is sitting on top of it to use the technology in the customer’s best interest. Various points of customer interaction and internal processes are all automated. From booking a query to getting a call back to sending quotation on your email, to online payments, to online tracking of shipment, to online communication 24×7 via WhatsApp, call centre, mobile app or direct call to supervisor if needed, everything is planned and executed perfectly. It ensures peace of mind for the customer and promotes ease of doing work for the employees. Above all, it ensures the safety of the goods at all times.

5. Cost-effective:

With these processes in place, online Packer & Movers win by playing the numbers game. With many orders being booked every day, the economy of scale kicks in. Per consignment, the cost comes down significantly compared to a retail player. This benefit gets passed on to the customer. A retail player can dispatch 5-10 trucks of materials every day at the most, but an online house shifting company can move hundreds of orders every day all over the country. This increases the probability of goods being booked for a particular destination. Thus trucks get fillup-up quickly. Thus the rate automatically comes down as wait time for trucks is reduced. A standing truck is a white elephant for any shipper.

It’s kind of like the wholesale vs retail game. We all know wholesale prices are always much less than retail prices. The benefit to the customer is that they can make a retail booking at wholesale prices! No one can beat that. A retail player will go nuts tracking the consignments for such higher numbers. In contrast, it’s a walk in the park for technology-centric processes in place for an online house shifting services provider.

6. Ease of transacting:

The entire customer experience is extremely comfortable. Everything is done just by sitting at home, using a mobile phone and internet connection. No running around is needed. Go to the website, and the moving company will take care of the rest. Professionals will turn up at the promised date and time and do the packing, loading, shipment, tracking, unloading, and unpacking seamlessly. 


What are the other modes of house shifting?

1. Local Packers and Movers/ Transporter:

These are your neighbourhood brick and mortar legacy businesses which operate with limited capital and infrastructure. They give you services as per their abilities, which may not be much under challenging circumstances. You usually have to visit them to complete the formalities, and they talk like absolute angels during that time. However, once you hand over the goods, you are often at their mercy.

They usually have a habit of realising the full payment of goods from you even before delivering the goods. However, the agreement is to make the final payment after receiving goods at the destination in good condition, but they don’t care. They use the choices of excuses and almost force you to pay. You may find a few items missing or broken, and there is no recourse for you. Not the best of experiences, is it?

2. Shifting by directly contracted national permit vehicle:

This is a much more affordable option for a low-budget shifting. People hire a known truck owner or driver to get this done. However, this method includes packing, loading, unloading on the destination, and unpacking the items by the customer. For a layperson to ensure doing all these things by hiring labourers, buying the packing materials, etc., is cumbersome. Moreover, chances of something going wrong are possible at multiple points. It incurs a lot of stress and a lot of unnecessary expenses along the way.

3. Moving by Courier Services:

This kind of service is helpful when one needs to transport fewer household items in a hurry. This method is highly costly as materials are booked per kilogram basis and is not feasible for relocating the many household items a family owns.

4. Transportation by Train:

Another cheaper method for shifting houses is by train. Here again, the responsibility of packing, loading onto the local truck to take the goods to the railway station, unloading at the station, booking the goods at the government office, making the entire payment upfront, receiving the goods at the destination railway station, loading the goods on the local truck to take it to your home, unloading, unpacking, and clearing of all packing materials to be discarded are to be borne by the customer. All this is just too much to be done by a person during house shifting. They have other things to worry about during this exercise such as kid’s schooling, searching for new accommodation etc.

And this is also feasible only if you have a railway station near your place. Too much headache and expenses and risk if you ask me. You are at the mercy of Indian Railways to move the goods once you have booked. There is no way for you to track the consignment. You will get a call once the goods reach. Then you have to take delivery of goods hurriedly. Else they will charge godown rent. And if there is some damage or any item is missing, then there is no recourse.

5. Transportation by Air:

Air freight is the most expensive option for goods relocation. All the duties and responsibilities involved in sending the goods by train are applicable in this case as well. So one has to ask if it’s worth the risk and trouble? The sensible answer would be a resounding ‘NO’.

6. Transportation by Sea Freight:

In the case of international relocation, choosing sea freight is the best choice. It is very affordable and also moves a large number of household items. Standard packers and movers are not involved in this case. It’s a very time-consuming and expensive process and is not meant for the domestic movement of household goods.



Questioning the advantages of the online home shifting services portal over the other modes is quite common. For example, searching for ‘house packing services near me’ on Google shows many online and offline options. But for a quick, more accessible, affordable, and reliable shifting of your household goods, choosing an online house shifting portal over an offline option is more reasonable and sensible. It is not only about moving goods from one point to another, but a lot more.

The other activities associated with the main task also matter a lot. They add to the overall customer experience. They also add to the expenses. These steps fully complete the process of house shifting/home shifting. Please take a look at the comparison table below to understand the point we are trying to make.  

 Additional Activities -> Packing Loading Local Collection (if required) Tracking Unloading Unpacking
Online Packer & Mover  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Local Transporter Yes (but separately chargeable) Yes (but separately chargeable) Yes (but separately chargeable)        None Yes (but separately chargeable) Yes (but separately chargeable)
Direct Truck         No                   No                   No         None         No         No
Rail         No         No         No None         No         No
Air         No         No         No Call Centre         No         No
Sea         No         No         No Online         No         No

Anyone taking a look at the above table will understand that there are so many processes involved in shifting household articles from from Point A to Point B. All of these also require specialised manpower and materials. Someone not in this profession is bound to get all of these at a higher rate if they decide to go about accomplishing the various tasks involved, by themselves. On the other hand, someone who does this for a living will be able to get all the above done at a much less cost and the efficiency factor will also be much better.

It’s simple logic really. Aren’t you better at your profession, whatever that may be, when comparted to someone doing your work but doing it once in a while? Also, hiring labourers will involve going to their market and negotiating. Then you will have to keep an eye on every move of theirs when they are inside your home.

Working with drivers is again a nightmare as they are generally not considered to be the most friendly customer service providers. Your goods are just one of the many consignments that they will be taking on. For them, considerations are different when it comes to looking at priorities. All these add up to being a true nightmare for a person who is not a part of this very human and technology intensive trade.

When one calculates the cost factor, and then also the stress factor of the entire process, it adds up to be a lot more in total than what you would pay an end-to-end service provider called the online Packers and Movers. They do this work 365 days a year and know how to handle people involved and at the same time getting the best service out of them.

To better understand the point we are making above, go through the table below to understand how much better it is to hire an online Packer & Mover service. Lets take a case-study of shifting a full-truck load of household articles from New Kolkata. The materials have more or less all the items a normal household has, including TV, Fridge, Sofa, Beds, crockery, glass items etc. The materials are going to need a 6 wheeler truck’s space to be transported, once packed.

Processes/ Action Items Amounts for doing it Yourself/ Local Transport/ Local P&M/Direct Truck Online P&M
Packing materials (Bubble wrap, Wooden Planks for crates, Wrapping paper rolls, cellotapes, nails, hammer, saw, ropes, thermocol, old newspapers, plastic rolls for water-protection)                       20000
Transportation of packing materials from market to your residence                        1000
4 Labourers for packing over 2 days @ 600/- per person per day                        4800
Truck Fare (say New Delhi to Kolkata – 6 wheeler truck)                       50000
Loading charges for 4 men at New Delhi                         2000
Unloading charges for 4 men at Kolkata                         2000
Sub-total                         79800        65000**
In case materials are being transported on a bigger truck then following expenses get added:
Local collection to transporter godown on local truck                          2000
Unloading at godown at New Delhi                          1500
Loading at deatination on local truck in Kolkata                          1500
local delivery by local truck in Kolkata                         2000
Total                       86800        65000**
Stress of doing all this by yourself *                        10000             0
Final Total                       96800        65000**

* indicative amount

** indicative amount for such consignments, subject to change under conditions

So you see, if one takes into account all the responsibility that a full-service online Packer and Mover takes upon themselves and does your work for a much lesser amount, then it is a no-brainer that it is mighty cheap compared to all the other options. You may save a few bucks here and there if you cut down on quality and quantity of packing materials and workmanship involved, but it will only be putting your household articles at risk of damage, breakage or theft.

The emotional trauma inflicted in the case of such events is something that one cannot put a value on. All that heartache is saved if you go ahead and choose a good online option of Packers and Movers who value you as a customer and value your goods more than anything else. After all, good service provided by them is only going to ensure them free marketing from you when you share the success story with your friends and family. It is beyond doubt the best and cheapest way of house shifting.


FAQs on House Shifting Services: 


1. What room should you pack first when moving?

It would help if you always started packing from the least used room. It could be your guest room or your storage room. Also, do make a list of all your belongings first. Try to get rid of the things that won’t be useful in your future home. Start moving those items to the least used room that are already packed from your last move (there are always some such items) to get a head start. The most used room, such as the kitchen, should be packed last. 

If you have contracted packers and movers for the job, then it doesn’t really matter as they will do the job quickly (1-2 days maximum) and take the materials away afterwards.

2. How do you move a wardrobe without dismantling it? 

First, make sure to take accurate measurements of your wardrobe, which will help you fit it through the door of your new house without being damaged. Then, empty your wardrobe to be easy to move it. Give it the best protection against any damage during the shifting. Wrap it with bubble wraps, soft furniture blankets, plastic traps, packing tapes, cardboard, etc. Have reliable assistance while moving the furniture, and don’t try to do it alone.

Take proper measurements of the wardrobe before packing. Then, secure your wardrobe with the best protection from any damage by wrapping it correctly with the help of professionals. Moving professionals know how to move it safely. If you are moving it, then do get the help of additional persons to assist you in carrying it.

3. Why does an air conditioner need to sit for 24 hours after you install or move it? 

While transporting a new air conditioner, it can be on its side or inverted position. This causes the lubricant oil to dribble over to the compression area, accumulating in the compressor cylinder. In addition, it can create a problem with the initial startup due to the lack of lubrication. Therefore, it is vital to allow the compressor oil to settle back to the bottom of the compressor pump.

The transportation or tilting of the AC can cause the machine oil to get stored up in the compressor area. This causes difficulties starting the Air Conditioner. So It is necessary to allow the lubricating oil to settle in the compressor pump for 24 hours.

4. How do you pack mops and brooms for moving?

Mops and brooms should be packed in the end. After all the packing you’ve done for house shifting, you’ll have to clean the place before leaving the site for good. Get rid of the old broken cleaning supplies and take the ones in good condition. For packing, use moving blankets, plastic tapes, plastic wraps, cardboard, etc. Detach the brass and mophead for easy packing. They will be easier to pack in separate pieces and can be attached afterwards.

Leave the cleaning supplies for the last for using them to clean after the packaging of other things. Declutter them and take only the good ones. Detach the head and the body for better packaging. Make sure you secure them with strings when wrapped inside a blanket.


The Endnote:

         In today’s busy world, relocation can be quite a bit of work. But choosing trustworthy and affordable online house shifting services can make it very easy and stress-free to settle down in a new place with all your belongings perfectly moved there. We hope our article helped you understand the advantages of choosing an online portal for home shifting services.

If you want to find out teh best way to save money when shifting your household belongings, then do read our 5 Tips to Reduce your Shifting Bill