Boxing your bathroom essentials is trickier for packers and movers than packing up those spacious living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, storerooms, etc. entirely at once. You may call it a matter of half a few minutes but it could take long hours to pack and move a bathroom in the midst of carrying out the move. Even a pin-sized item is carefully handled while packing things stored in your bathroom for regular use. Gathering and packing your bathroom is going to be hectic as well as a time-consuming task as there are too many objects that have to be taken care of.

Once you’re done with other spacious areas of your house, it is time to pack up your bathroom with help of one or two individuals. Most packers and movers service providers look forward to preparing themselves specifically for packing bathrooms as they contain some sorts of essential stuff like cosmetics, toiletries, cleaning liquids, etc. that must be handled cautiously to avoid wastage or spillage during the move.

Packing a bathroom is not as easy as it seems. All the experienced and reputed packers and movers in Delhi NCR conduct bathroom packing in three phases and here are they:

Phase 1: Sorting all essentials

Get started by gathering stuff that you want to pack or leave behind. Make a list of items that are already in use and mark them separately from those that you don’t want to use further. Many times we forget discarding empty shampoo bottles, sachets, cartons, packets, etc. on the top of washbasins or in drawers attached at the corners of your bathroom. Here are some items that you must learn to pack smartly with packers and movers:

  • Medicines: Go through the medicine bottles, tubes, & tablets kept in the drawers for a long and sort them from those which are taken regularly. Don’t forget to check if medicines are expired or damaged. For disposing of waste medicines, you must handover them to local pharmacists or waste disposal companies to avoid environmental damage.
  • Toiletries: Many households use expensive toiletries and that’s why packers and movers service providers stay concerned about their safety. Daily care products such as shampoos, hair conditioners, body wash/soaps, perfumes, face creams, liquid cleaners, etc. must be packed properly in plastic bags to prevent spillage and leaks during the move.
  • Towels & foot mats: Stuff like towels, foot mats, paper products, & other toilet accessories are bathroom essentials. Packers and movers stack and pack them safely with suitable packing materials.

Phase 2: Discarding unwanted items

You could be having an inventory of goods that are no more in use. Get rid of those old and unused accessories & appliances like hairdryers, straighteners, curlers, trimmers, etc. to pack them in a shorter timeline. Throw away those cosmetics that are either more than six months old or dried out completely. Packers and movers don’t consider this as a necessity but you must ensure that you are not carrying unwanted stuff to the new place.

Phase 3: Organizing & packing

Once you’re done with sorting and discarding useless items stored in the bathroom, you must start arranging items for the packing process. Start packing items that are not used on a daily basis. Get a packing bag to keep the most used bathroom essentials such as shampoos, toilet paper, deodorants, makeup, toothbrush, hand towels, etc. If your current home has more than two bathrooms then clear out all of them except one. Check out some helpful packing tips from our packers and movers:

  • Wrap all liquid containers & bottles with plastic paper and seal them in plastic bags.
  • Use zippered bags for packing medicines & toiletry stuff separately to avoid leaks.
  • Keep all packed items safely in small boxes or cartons to prevent damages during the move.
  • All fragile or breakable items must be wrapped around towels and kept safely in labeled boxes.
  • Keep bubble wraps in b/w the empty spaces of all boxed stuff for proper cushioning.
  • Make sure that each box containing all bathroom essentials doesn’t exceed more than 30 pounds.

Our packers and movers make it clear about what items they are moving before finalizing the deal. Knowing that most bathroom essentials are prone to spoilage or leakage during the shifting process, moving companies use special packing supplies to prevent such damages while packing and moving bathrooms stuff for relocation purposes.