Shifting challenges are what all packers and movers service providers are always ready to face at any moment. It all starts from de-cluttering your belongings here & there and ends when assembled back to the new room at your new address. Relocations turn out more devastating and lesser pleasing when you’ve to move a bulk of household items in a shorter timeline with limited resources and manpower. The risks of damages or loss of items make your move more stressful as most local moving companies never give priority to the safety of goods.

 Apart from bad handling of goods, inappropriate packing with low-quality packaging material can be blamed for severe breakage or damage caused to your precious possessions. To deal with such problems while transporting your goods with packers and movers service providers, you must give a try to these clever shortcuts to alleviate your pains in packing your movables:

Recycle old cardboard boxes or cartons for packing

 One of the smart steps to reduce your hassles and expenses in buying moving boxes is to recycle old those cardboard boxes kept in your storeroom. Gather all boxes of different sizes and reuse them to pack your goods instead of purchasing them from the supermarket. This will save your money as well as time!!

Pack non-essentials first & unpack essential ones in the end

Selecting goods that you need to pack first is full of confusion as there are so many objects to start with. Packers and movers generally begin with expensive kitchenware as they are not in regular usage. Always start boxing non-essential items first and then move ahead to other stuff for packing. And after shifting to your new address, you must begin unpacking your bedroom and other essential items at priority, leave the kitchen for last.  

Match color-code for labeling

Labeling is necessary for the safety of goods during the move. Most packers and movers mark breakable goods as ‘fragile’ or ‘handle with care’ using highlighters so that they can be identified while loading and moving but labeling each box with its contents would make them more vulnerable to thefts.  To cope with this problem, we suggest you use a specific color code for each room and use matching duct tape of the same color on the boxes items.

Use wardrobe boxes or bags for garments

The best way to pack your closet is by using wardrobe boxes and bags. You don’t need to waste time in folding each of your apparels, just grab them together using a zip tie and keep them safely in the bag or wardrobe box. We use these two packing materials particularly for packing apparels in minimum efforts & time. 

Wrap small drawers attached to your furniture

You don’t need to waste your time in emptying those small drawers adjoined with your furniture like tables, furniture, bed, & desks. Just remove and start wrapping plastic sheets to pack them tightly to keep the contents safe and scratch-free throughout the move. 

Keep all parts together to avoid misplacement

The modern furniture is attached with multiple pieces that are disassembled during the move. Packers and movers remove and pack each part of furniture carefully & keep them together safely with bolts, screws, & other attachments.

Fill extra space between items

Use bubble wraps for packing and socks to provide extra padding to the empty spaces left between the boxed items. Doing so will protect breakable items like glassware, crockery, mirrors, showpieces, etc. during the move.

Load your goods properly in a moving truck

 Make sure that all goods are loaded to the mover in the right way. Don’t exceed the loading capacity of the truck and even out the weight while loading. Keep electronics like a refrigerator and air conditioners in a standing position to prevent damages.

 Even after taking all necessary precautions to safeguard your goods, you can’t battle with gravity. However, our Packers and Movers can help you avoid the potential risks of shifting damages by packing and loading your goods with ultimate perfection & professionalism. Just take these smart shortcuts to reduce your worries about your upcoming move.