Home shifting is a big decision and when you finally make mind to it, you always tend to plan it with packers and movers. The fear of facing major shifting repercussions during the process inspires families or individuals to hire the best moving company to handle their concerns regarding the relocations. From transport arrangements to packing supplies and manpower, shifting service providers take charge to conduct safe, speedy, & convenient packing, loading, moving, unloading, & unpacking of movables.

No matter if it’s a residential move or a corporate one, you won’t get many choices to plan it as per your preference and convenience. Even the best packers and movers in Delhi NCR & other states of India suggest picking the best-suited dates to schedule the move. You don’t need to hurry unnecessarily while planning your move with any shifting service provider unless you are intending to relocate immediately.

Why do you need to be specific about the moving date?

Do you know the charges and availability of packers and movers greatly depend on the day and date of shifting? Most of us neglect this point but determining the right time and date of moving is very crucial to enjoying cost-effective and convenient relocations of your belongings. Staying precise with the date and time of moving your goods will benefit you in several ways and here are they:

  • No hassles will be there in booking confirmations
  • Chances of reschedules & cancellations are reduced
  • Easy availability of packers and movers for booking
  • No worries for the arrangements of moving truck or vehicle
  • Higher probabilities to get the best deal on shifting at cheaper prices
  • More convenience with safe packing and relocation of goods.

Now let’s throw some lights on some key factors to consider while deciding your moving date.

  • All about the best season to move: Whether you’re moving with professional packers and movers like Shift Freight or doing it on own, relocating during the off-season is not a good idea at this point. Both long and short distance moves bring their challenges & hassles for your family as well as the moving company you have hired.

Along with the individual shifting needs of customers, choosing the right season for moving with packers and movers plays a significant role in comfortable moves especially for those who are relocating to a different state or a residence located far away from the present address. Families with schooling children must skip their moving plans in the middle of the year, they must plan it during seasonal holidays of summers and winters. However, we always suggest our customers to avoid moving in summer months as those extremely warm days of the hot season will make your journey uneasy & intolerable.

  • Choosing the best month to move: In North India, the demand for packers and movers surges exponentially in summers, during the months of the year (March to August) as the sale and purchase of properties increases rapidly between these months. However, it is quite clear that people shifting in states where the temperature goes extremely high during summers end up paying more for full-service relocations as it is the peak time for packers and movers service providers. Therefore, it makes more sense if you shift your home between September to December.
  • Picking the best week to move: Since housing agreements mostly start and end in the first and last week of the month, people reportedly search for moving companies to move into their new place that means fewer possibilities of finding packers and movers. So, if you don’t need to rush here and there then it’s recommended to plan your shift in the middle of the month.
  • Best day and time to move: Just like you plan your outings on Saturdays and Sundays, most families schedule their move during weekends and thus, the demand for packers and movers remains high on these days. If you don’t want to face disappointment due to the non-availability of shifting professionals and peak pricing then it is better to make it on weekdays i.e b/w Monday to Friday.

When it comes to deciding the right time for the arrival of movers and packers, you must pick a time slot that falls in the morning hours. Get started in the early morning so that packing & moving can be done on the same day.

Scheduling your move at the right time and day is imperative to ensure safe, speedy, and convenient relocation of precious belongings with packers and movers. We hope this blog clarified your doubts and confusions for deciding the final day for the movement of your household and office goods.