The co-founder of Shift Freight, Mr. Avinash Raghav was interviewed by Businessworld, an esteemed news, and media agency. Being one of the leaders of the company, he gladly demonstrated a brief on the company’s business model, strategies, challenges, marketing plans, & customer-centric approaches ahead of the conversation. In discussion with a distinguished media representative, Mr. Raghav unveiled all the ins and outs of Indian logistics and its role in the rise of the existing packers and movers market. The interview was conducted to perceive the real scenario of a logistic segment from the eyes of startups around the competitive marketplace of popular packers and movers aggregators like Shift Freight.

Alongside elaborating on the visionary ideology and journey of the company, Mr. Raghav talked about how our business operations began and what challenges our packers and movers faced during the pandemic-induced lockdown. The interesting conversation of Shift Freight’s co-founder with BusinessWorld outlines some thought-provoking aspects of our customer-centric approach and peculiar pointers to present some important business strategies of the company.

The idea behind Shift Freight’s foundation

According to Mr. Raghav, upon discovering the multifarious hurdles in the process of searching and booking movers and truck vendors for shifting purposes, the founders of our company came up with an idea to introduce Shift Freight as an online directory of professional packers and movers in the nationwide market. Within 6-8 months of brainstorming, strategizing, & competitive research, the journey of Shift Freight officially began with its spectacular launch in February last month.

Within a few months of debut in the Indian market, Shift Freight’s management team and business analysts came across a lot of loopholes in the operational and organizational structure of procedures covered by the packers and movers service providers. In further discussion with the BusinessWorld, our co-founder said that the company not only intends to fill the gaps in the packers and movers market but also aims to provide the best moving solutions at the lowest prices possible. Apart from this, one-click booking with a quick call back in just 10 minutes is always a priority of the team working at Shift Freight.

A quick brief on Shift Freight’s modus operandi

BusinessWorld’s interview session with our co-founder also draws attention to the modes of business operations adapted by Shift Freight. It revealed that the blend of high-tech AI technology and one-to-one communication enabled Shift partners and our customers to embrace flawless and smooth shifting experiences even in a limited budget. Moreover, our advanced bidding system empowers Shift Freight to offer the best deals from the quotes shared by 20-25 packers and movers in the row.

Some notable statements given on challenges & marketing plans

Mr. Raghav stated some major points that impacted the business during the COVID-19 lockdown and how the company strategized to turn every challenge into a new opportunity. He highlighted the way their team members worked almost 20 hours to fulfill the orders with packers and movers and organized hundreds of successful moves in a day. During lockdown days, it was quite challenging to come up with the best deal on our packers and movers services to the customers as resources were limited and demands were high. However, Shift Freight tackled the situation by restructuring our bidding entirely and delivery system to manage orders & counter the challenges of staying operational during pandemic-induced lockdown days.  As far as marketing plans are concerned, Mr. Raghav mentioned the role of the logo, pamphlets, social media promotion, banners, and other marketing techniques for the result-driven brand promotion of the company. Also, the marketing strategists at Shift Freight are looking forward to launching the brand on reputed FM channels and media agencies like BusinessWorld.

Final words on the current state of the company

While talking about market and business growth, Mr. Raghav revealed that over 30,000 to 35,000 relocations are done every day in the Indian logistic market. At present, the total market value of packers and movers companies is almost USD 3.5 billion and multiplying daily. Shift Freight is covering Delhi NCR in the north and Bengaluru, Hyderabad, & Chennai in the south. By June 2021, the company will begin its operations in western, eastern, & central regions including at least 30 cities of India.

Having such a wonderful interview with BusinessWorld media was a pleasurable experience for Mr. Raghav as it’s the best platform to convey informative messages and guidance to new ventures or startups arriving in the industry.