What Things You Should Know Before Hiring Packers and Movers in This Pandemic?

Posted on: 2023-06-29 13:16:46

Relocation is something that can’t be avoided in this pandemic. When you plan your move, there are several factors you need to consider apart from gathering your essentials. That’s why you should decide to hire a moving company.

Considering the ongoing pandemic circumstance, it is required for all of you to hire professional movers and packers who are usually well-trained and skillful. They will be equipped with the required expertise needed to pack things efficiently and transfer them to the chosen location.

Important points to look at while selecting Packers and Movers during Covid 19:

Do the research

While moving to a different location, make sure that the place is ideal for you. It simply means that the area shouldn’t be under a containment zone where you are going to move. This can create problems while moving and you may end up getting infected with the Covid-19 virus. It is required for you to do all required research from your side and find the safest region to relocate to. An efficient moving company shares these details with its customers.

Go for trusted packers and movers

At the time of selecting shifting companies, you should compare different service providers. It allows you to get the best choice. You will not have to compromise with your moving needs.

While choosing movers and packers, consider the price they charge you for relocating. A trustworthy company charges you a minimal amount. The highest estimate is one of the tricks implemented by shady movers. These movers accept to fulfill your moving requirements but later charge you more for your belongings. It is compulsory for you to be careful and don’t get manipulated by fake movers. Packers and movers in Gurgaon charge you a fixed price as they promise you in the initial phase.

Book packers and movers online

Online booking with mobile phone. Setting a date on digital calendar.

Completing most of the formalities digitally is essential. While booking for shifting service, you should visit the company’s website to see if they are facilitating their customers with online booking or not. In case they provide such a facility, clear out all your confusions through a phone call and finalize them. Several packers and movers in Noida are giving such leverage to people.

Check reviews

Going through online reviews of packers and movers is highly essential. It plays an important role in selecting the right company. You get an insight into the background, nature, and behavior of a moving company you are about to reach.

So, always check the reviews of firms to get an overview of their authenticity, credibility, and reputation. The simplest way to go through the reviews and ratings is by exploring search engines. You just need to type on Google, packers, and movers near me. This will let you find the best movers and packers in your location with customer reviews.

Enquire about pandemic safety norms

Authorized moving companies take the pandemic situation very seriously. These firms follow all guidelines which can protect both customers and their staff members. This includes local and federal rules that help in maintaining social distancing and sanitization. Also, conducting the surveys virtually instead of in-home surveys has become a priority of recognized movers’ agencies.

While transporting customer’s items, a well-known moving company does sanitation of trucks frequently. They ensure that there is the maximum distance between customers and the team members. Wearing masks, putting on hand gloves, and keeping loading vehicles equipped with hand sanitizers is their main priority. Some of the authorized Packers and movers in Delhi follow all such pandemic norms considering the safety of customers.

Individual needs should be considered

All moves are different. It doesn’t matter if you are moving to a 3BHK/4BHK house or changing your office location, you should ensure that the shifting company hired by you provides accommodation for all your items. It would be better if you consider your requirements and ask suitable questions from the service provider to be on the safe side. Let’s have a look at these points:

  • Check if the company has a moving truck of the correct size to fit all your boxes.
  • Ask whether there is a facility to get additional packing supplies as needed, like moving garment boxes, blankets, and many more.
  • Look if the company has the available time slot to meet your relocation needs. Make sure they give you assurance to pick up and deliver your goods on time.

Communication is important

The packers and movers’ team who are going to serve you should be approachable anytime you need them. They should have a positive attitude and interest in providing you a smooth moving experience. It is even obligatory for you to trust your gut feeling and select the company that can minimize your moving burden.

Insurance is compulsory

Health insurance flat isometric vector concept. People are standing on the signed health insurance policy, near them are a big heart symbol and all those elements are covered by the big umbrella.

Nobody wants to lose their goods. When you hire packers and movers, you won’t expect to get cracks in your items after they get delivered. Although, shifting service providers take complete care of your belongings there are occasions when some of your important items could be damaged. This is the reason you should plan to move with extra caution. It is your basic responsibility to hire professional movers and packers who offer insurance.

Post-move resolutions

The unauthenticated movers don't entertain people and attend any calls once the goods get delivered and payment is done. It is recommended to you to go for the best choice while selecting a shifting company.

A well-known mover adopts customer-friendly practices such as customer support after moving the items. You get the post-move settling services from reputed firms to make the relocation hassle-free.


It is possible to move safely with proper planning and execution in the current pandemic. You should follow all safety standards and implement them in your move. Hiring experienced professionals to pack your bags can minimize troubles to a greater extent and will keep you safe. If any of you is planning to move to a new home, contact Shift Freight. They have a well-trained mover’s team who are always ready to give you hassle-free shifting service.