How Can You Ensure A Great Move Day Experience?

Posted on: 2023-06-26 12:26:31

Moving day is the special day when you need to be future-ready. On that particular day, it should be your priority to take everything in command. Make sure that you don’t have pending work for that time. It is your duty to be future-ready before the best packers and mover’s team arrives to move your belongings. For a great moving experience, it would be better if you follow the below-mentioned tips:

Show your presence during the move

Make sure you don’t get vanished on your moving day. Lots of people leave such tasks to friends or others to take care of. You know your things better than anybody else. It is recommended to be present personally when the movers come to do the packaging at your home.

In your beautiful house, you may have some antiques. It is better to be with movers and guide them while handling goods. The mover’s team may ask questions related to other items that need to be taken or left. Even after reaching the new destination, you can give direction to the moving crew to set your bed or fit your couch in the right place. After you hire professional movers and packers, they come up with the perfect solutions to set your new home.

Take good care of moving team

The moving team helps you throughout the shifting process to ensure a pleasant moving experience. It is good to behave nicely with them. This is your responsibility to make sure that the parking spot is available for the movers to complete the loading task easily and without any trouble. Also, you should offer tea or coffee to the shifting crew as they need lots of energy in moving your essentials. If you feel, arrange lunch for them.

Don’t be stressed

Portrait of beautiful smiling woman leaning on cardboard boxes at new apartment

During your move, you must store enough energy. It helps you to think wisely and allows you to function smoothly. Before the moving day, ensure that your essentials have been packed and your phone is charged. It will help you to establish connection with movers. If you forgot some important work to do, calm down and try to solve it immediately without losing patience. You should just keep in mind that everything is gone be okay.

A quick walkthrough is essential

Doing a quick inspection is required before the move. It helps the mover’s team to get an idea of what all work needs to be completed. As mentioned above, during a walkthrough, it is beneficial to point out breakable or expensive items to the movers that should be handled with extra care.

It can happen that you may leave a box behind and your moving team forgets to unload it from the truck. This may lead to post-move headaches after settling into a new home. So, a walkthrough is even important after the move to minimize the post-move hassles. To minimize the post-move hassles, you can even consider hiring the group of best packers and movers.

Shouldn’t be late

It is crucial for all of you. You need to be ready before the movers arrive at your home. Getting ready after movers come to your apartment would be awkward and shameful. The moving team comes to load your items but unnecessarily, they will have to hang around until you prepare for the move. So, be ready on your moving day and save your time and money.

Do arrangements for loved ones

Beautiful african american family with two children carrying boxes in a new home

Taking special care of your loved ones is required. Whether they are your young children or old grandparents, they will not be helpful while planning a move. If your children are very young, you should find a place for them to stay during the move. It would be ideal to call close friends and tell them to take care of your children or parents.

Prepare and plan for delays

Everybody wants to move without any hiccups but the reality is different. The delays happen for sure when relocating to a distant area or living in a big city. If your belongings are being transported during rush hours, a delay in moving can be expected. That is why it is highly recommended to dedicate an entire day to the moving even if the delay is of just 1-2 hours.

Activities like booking a flight or getting concert tickets on a moving day are excessively risky and should be ignored. Also, there are possibilities that the move can happen within the assigned time or maybe be extended due to some reasons. Getting panic on the relocation day must be avoided at any cost.

After all, most of you won’t want to do much when you settle down at your new home. You just want to sit down, relax for some time, or do planning on how you’re going to transform your new apartment into a home.

Giving tips to the movers

It is one of the important aspect that needs to be considered. The tipping amount needs to be decided in advance as the moving team does a lot of hard work for us. Moving teams are associated with the service industry and expect tips as part of their income. If the moving staff members put effort and let you experience a delightful relocating experience, it is suggested to give them a tip between 10-20% of the total moving cost.

There are instances when the movers will show inappropriate behavior, take countless breaks, and have a wrong attitude towards your children; you may consider paying a lower tip to them. In case you want to consider just one mover for his efficiency, you can give tips to him/her personally for their hard work. Most of you who hire professional movers and packers will not get issues related to the mover’s attitude.

Final Thoughts

Overall, moving wouldn’t be suffering if you’re organized. Your move can be successful if you plan and prepare for surprises in advance. Any one of you who wants to get help with their move and searching for the perfect fit can directly contact Shift Freight. Our platform helps you to choose experienced movers in your location who can pull off your move without a hitch.