Essential Tips To Avoid Disputes While Hiring A Moving Company

Posted on: 2023-06-22 07:39:35

It is a tough and frustrating job to settle goods in your new place. Sometimes people said that it is more difficult in comparison to other life events. Thankfully, there is an option to hire professional packers and movers who take complete responsibility for the relocation needs and provide a satisfactory moving experience.

Regrettably, there are groups of some fake and untrustworthy packers and movers who don’t go with the right set of rules. They break the trust of customers and follow the wrong practice. There are several instances when people feel completely uncomfortable by the negligent behavior of movers and packers agencies. Even, there are complaints related to additional charges, delay delivery, stealing items, and damaged goods done by shifting companies. 

To ignore all such unpleasant situations while moving, employing the best packers and movers in India can be a permanent resolution. Even though you hire the best shifting team to pack your goods, there are possibilities to face some difficulties. In this post, we will have a discussion over all the possible things that can be done to resolve the complications created through the movers.

Reasons behind conflict with Packers and Movers

Multiple reasons are there that lead to disagreement between packers and movers. Some of them have been discussed here:

Delay in goods delivery

Late delivery of goods is an obvious reason for conflict between customers and movers. You should sign a written agreement with movers when you schedule for the shifting needs. The date of transporting goods will be clearly mentioned in the agreement.

In case the service provider wouldn’t be able to deliver your belongings on the given date, you can do a legal complaint against the moving company. It is not ethical always to take legal actions against the moving company. Approaching them personally can work for you.

When the packers and movers will be late, talk to them and try to understand the true reason for being late. If they give you a genuine reason, request them for the fast delivery. It is not a good idea to take always legal actions against the movers without finding the right cause. Delayed delivery can sometimes go out of control. There may be unfavorable weather, sudden breakdown of vehicles, or others. If you wouldn’t be satisfied and nothing works for you, take the required legal action against the company. Normally, you don’t face such problems when you hire the best packers and movers.

Damaged or lost items

This is the most obvious reason responsible for creating disputes and compels consumers to charge legal petitions against moving companies. The shifting agency is answerable for the loss of all missed and damaged items. You can directly complain about the packers and movers to compensate for the loss. Without investigation, it is not good to complain about movers. It would be better to examine items that have been damaged or lost. If you find movers faulty, immediately communicate with the movers and ask them for a refund. 

Additional moving charges

There are different instances of home relocation when packers and movers charge you with additional price or demand for more money before and after the move. Whenever you face such type of situation, don’t agree to pay the extra cost. You just need to pay the predefined delivery charges without paying any unrealistic cost. 

Suppose, the movers you booked have quoted a certain amount for providing the service, then you should pay only that amount. To get a rescue and ignore such type of circumstances, get a written price estimate before booking for the move. Always be attentive and go through the terms and conditions of the moving company before signing an agreement of the company. Doing things according to the agreement will never create a traumatized condition for you. It will not compel you to pay a single rupee apart from the fixed cost. If you are still forced by movers to pay the additional amount, file a complaint. As there are several authorized moving companies so, it is ideal to hire professional movers and packers to ignore all complications. 

Different ways to handle disputes:

Packaging the box. Two young movers in blue uniform working indoors in the room.

Calm down and talk to movers 

Taking legal action against packers and movers will not be the ultimate solution. The most efficient way is to be logical and communicate directly to the moving team. It is suggested to come up with a better solution peacefully. When you talk with the shifting company, just remind them about the terms and conditions mentioned by them in their agreement. You can even keep a record of the conversation with the movers and utilize it. It should always be your priority to turn up with the best solution without creating any scene. This will show that you are civilized and have some moral values.

Go through the agreement

At the time of disagreement with the moving team, you should check the agreement signed by you. Look at all points of terms and conditions for clarity. In the written agreement, the moving company may have shown that you will communicate with them about the damages or issues you face within 15-30 days of delivery. So, you can be prepared with your insurance document to claim the damages as it is already mentioned in the mover’s agreement. After reaching the best packers and movers, such issues don’t arrive.

Write review

When the packers and movers hired by you don’t take interest in resolving your issue, you have the power to write a review about them. To give them reviews, you can reach online forums and social media platforms. There are multiple platforms like Facebook, Mouthshut,  Google reviews, etc to share your opinion. So, possibilities are there that the moving company will try to solve the problem after doing so.

File an FIR

After your grievances will not be considered seriously, you shouldn’t delay in taking legal action against movers. If the company got vanished after damaging your items, file an FIR in the nearest police station. You should keep in mind that an FIR can be filed against movers if you have proof of it. Also, you have the option to file a case against movers in consumer court.


When you understand what you need, it can be easy for you to identify and avoid scammers. It would be perfect if you invest some time and plan accordingly, your shifting will be pleasant and painless. At Shift Freight, we facilitate you to connect with authorized movers who don’t follow any wrong practices. Here, you can find suitable deals according to your moving requirements.