5 Unseen Moving Charges included in Packers and Movers Bills

Posted on: 2023-07-03 12:56:56

Many people end up paying more than the expected costs of relocating with local moving companies. Due to lack of communication and transparency, it generally happens when packers and movers in Delhi NCR include extra charges in the final bill. When the expected costs of shifting services exceed the quoted price, a customer can raise a concern regarding overcharges with a concerned person at a moving company and try to negotiate for the same. However, it is not a big deal if there is only a slight difference in the quoted and final costs of relocation services as there are ample reasons behind the unexpected hike in the standard moving charges.

Not all moving companies charge as per the standard rates of packing, loading, transportation, labours, and other resources used in relocations. Some regional packers and movers in Bangalore restructure their fees according to the budget of a customer and later increase the overall charges for unjustified reasons. To avoid facing such circumstances, one must know about these 8 moving expenses that usually occur while relocating modern packers and movers in Delhi NCR:

Additional labours

For shifting a 1BHK, 2BHK, and 3BHK apartment, a group of 3-4 packers and movers in Hyderabad can efficiently handle a limited number of household goods. However, in case the quantity of movables increases at the last moment then a shifting service provider shall add extra charges of additional labourers involved in packing, lifting, and loading packages to the moving truck.

From doorways to congested galleries and staircase, such obstacles on the way to the vehicle also create an unnecessary mess and make it trickier for the best packers and movers in Bangalore that eventually results in additional labour charges.

Packing material

Household kitchen appliances and home electronics in carboard boxes isolated on white

The estimated costs of full-service relocations include the charges of packaging supplies provided by a moving company. So, you don’t have to worry about spending extra bucks in getting some major packing stuff such as moving cartons, wrapping paper, bubble wraps, etc. Needless to say, you can’t escape the expenses of getting these packing supplies if you are not relocating with packers and movers in Delhi NCR.

Special items like antiques, collectables, etc.

For moving a collection of antiques or restored items, one may need to arrange some essential facilities to protect goods from any damage. One shall have to pay extra for packing and other necessary arrangements done to protect old paintings, sculptures, journals, furniture, and other rare pieces of goods from potential shifting damages. Hence, moving such items would incur unexpected expenses with packers and movers services in Bangalore.

Disconnection or removal of electronics

home appliances collection set

The wired connections of electronic appliances are very complicating. One may need to call a serviceman or electrician to disassemble the electronic items such as television, fridge, air conditioner, home music system, fans, coolers, etc. and detach them with utmost care. This will add up the additional fee of a professional handyman appointed to disconnect and set up the electronic item back to the right place after moving.

Fuel, repairs, toll taxes, & other charges

The packers and movers in Delhi NCR at any moving company may or may not include the costs of extra distance and fuel consumed during the relocation process. The final bill would reflect the charges of fuel, repairs, and other taxes that may surprise you in the end.

Apart from the aforementioned charges, your packers and movers in Bangalore may include charges of storage and truck rental facility availed during the residential relocations. So, make sure that you’re ready to deal with such unexpected expenditures while moving with any shifting service provider near to you. If you don’t want to compromise with your budget then you can easily book affordable packers and movers in Delhi at Shift Freight.