All those passionate book lovers tend to hassle a lot for moving with affordable packers and movers. Many people are fond of reading and collecting books as a hobby & they can’t take a risk with their safety in any circumstance. If you’re one of them then you must be wondering about how to protect your precious books & stationery goods from potential damages of moving your home library with other household stuff you own. Besides your other possessions, it is vital to pack your books appropriately to secure them throughout the shifting process. After all, being a hardcore book collector, you can’t bear even a minor tear or damage to your handpicked journals that you have been storing for years.

Whether you own a library or collection of books at home, you always need a strategy to plan its relocation with the best packers and movers service providers. Packing and loading those heaps of books kept in your vintage collection is very tedious and challenging as they are being maintained and restored with exceptional care. However, you have no other option than self-moving your belongings if you can’t afford professionals for transferring your books and stationery items to the desired location.

Safety remains a topmost priority for the movement of books, stationery, & all vintage collectibles and you can’t compromise with it at any cost. Nonetheless, in case if you’ve decided to relocate your home library in the absence of packers and movers then you must know the ins and outs of books and stationery shifting. Forget stressing as we’ve got a series of the best tactics to try for moving your treasured books on own and here it is :

Start clearing bookshelves: All those bookshelves of your home library must be de-cluttered first so that you can keep your handpicked books separately from others. Some old manuals & journals take a corner space on these shelves from years to years as people usually forget to discard or sell to someone who needs them. Hence, this time is right to get rid of books that are no more worthy of your collection. Most packers and movers try this method of cleaning and removing unwanted books to move them easily and safely.

Make use of small cardboard boxes: For book stands, almost every packers and movers service provider utilizes cardboard boxes or cartons with bubble wrap to safeguard them with perfect packaging. You can simply remove each shelf of the book stand and pack it entirely with the right type of packing material to avoid scratches & breakages during the move.

Ensure that you are small storage boxes of good quality (sturdy & compact) as they are ideal for carrying heavy books. In case if you’ve got shipping boxes of larger size then do not overfill them completely with two or more books. You can use clothes or paper to fill up space.

Get special packing supply for stationery items: Packers and movers preferably choose packing foams to keep your books protected from unseen moving damages. Packing foams are very flexible to use as they can be drawn in any shape and size. Since packing forms are much larger in size and thickly padded, using this packaging material will protect your stationery stuff from cuts & tears.

Go creative with packing choices: To save the money that you will be spending on packing supplies, you can reuse grocery bags or brown paper bags for self-packing your valuable books and stationery articles. Packers and movers use special equipment & tools to carry books smoothly but you can use wheeled suitcases to move them effortlessly to the shipping vehicle.

Do packing and labeling strategically: Pack books from each section separately in boxes and create their stacks. Don’t forget to label each box with books from different genres & categories so that you can rearrange them easily after the move. You can even take pictures of shelves to avoid your hassles while keeping your books back in your new home.

Be careful & attentive while packing books: The right way of packing books is keeping their spine in the downward position. Packers and movers usually try this method of keeping books in a vertical position while boxing them together into the cartons. By doing so, you can ensure that it won’t ruin or fold the pages and outer layers of the books during the shipment.

At the end of this blog, we hope that you will find these tips useful for moving books and stationery items without burdening yourself with safety concerns. For your comfort & satisfaction, we highly suggest you hire the best packers and movers in Delhi, NCR, & other states of India to move your goods with zero stress, damages, and delays!!