Whenever you want to move into a new apartment, moving breakable or fragile items securely becomes a major concern. However, transporting every item cautiously to your dream destination is necessary, but moving delicate items safely is even more essential. As it is a difficult task to do, you need to be careful and take extra precautionary measures. In case you will have a hard time managing things precisely, don’t forget to hire professional movers and packers.

Handling breakable items becomes more complex when you are attached to them. In that situation, you started pondering whether you can easily pack your fragile items or not. Therefore, here we will know about different methods to wrap delicate belongings and select the best packers and movers in India to ensure damage-free moves for frangible items.

The category of fragile items can be anything that is easily breakable. It can be glassware, ceramics, or other unique antique items. These items need additional care while wrapping, packing, and loading.

Approaching leading packers and movers for packing your breakables can be a great decision. They used to have special expertise in wrapping and shipping frangible items. You can simply connect with them and schedule them for your upcoming move. They hold relevant experience in handling delicate items. Doing so will let you experience hassle-free relocation.

Here you can have a look at the best packing materials to use for protecting the fragile items from damage:

When it is about safely moving the breakable items, the type of packing material that needs to be used matters the most. So, you can consider the below-mentioned packing items.

 Packaging tape– It is the most essential material for securely sealing the goods. This provides additional strength to them. Wrapping tape around the carton with a few layers ensures that no items will fall down through the box.

Bubble wrap- A good quality bubble wrap acts as an important asset to protect fragile belongings. When your wrap your ceramics and crystal items into a bubble wrap, it can give extra protection to breakable items. At the time of scheduling movers and packers in India, you can tell them to make use of standard quality bubble wraps to pack the glassware items with extra caution.

Cartons- When you demand cartons from movers, ensure that they are of perfect size according to your needs. The cartons aren’t required to be too large or shouldn’t have the smallest size. 

Airbags- While packing items in the box, make use of airbags or paper to fill the left gaps. Goods having point edges can be saved easily by adopting such practices. Using peanuts while packing sharp items can even be a helpful tip.

Foam packaging- These packing materials are helpful to pack glass items. While using them, make sure that they are of exact size according to the product you want to pack.

Sprayed foam- Using the sprayed foam can be the best solution to pack odd-shaped breakable items. It becomes a little bit hard when comes in contact with air and is excellent to use. This is good to use as it creates a supportive cover around the item. As these are available in different densities, you need to choose the best.

Wrinkled craft paper- It is even useful for filling gaps in the fragile goods box. You can use crushed paper up to two inches to separate breakable items from the wall of the carton boxes.

How you can ensure the protection of fragile items during relocation?

Finish packing patiently

As the breakable items need additional care, you should wait patiently until other movable items in your apartment will not be packed. But remember that the packers and movers team should arrive on time to start the packing as soon as possible. 

Doing packaging for delicate items needs both attentiveness and enough time. Those who initially start wrapping the breakables realized that it wastes so much time. In that case, hiring professional packers and movers can be a better option. They usually get the best expertise to manage the time spends in packing delicate items.

Use the cushioning system 

The delicate glassware items can even get the best protection even by applying the cushioning protection system around the goods box. Apart from using newspaper and bubbles, you can do cushioning from the bottom to give support for the fragile goods present in the box. When you are not able to manage to buy the costly bubble wrapping materials, using the newspaper can be the best solution for you. This is a cost-effective method.

Do the tight packing

Make sure to pack the fragile items tightly in the carton box as there is a high risk to get damaged. If the packing container will have gaps, your frangible items can be harmed easily. So, you need to pack things carefully.

Use the safe boxes

It is essential to take all necessary precautions to handle fragile items. That is why the importance of a sturdy box can’t be ignored at all. It is good to use it for packing delicate items but you need to use thick cardboard to cover the inside walls for better protection. It can minimize the chances of rupturing the breakable items. If you need help, communicate with movers and packers about the shifting instructions and use of particular boxes for carrying out valuable items.

Put similar items together

When you pack fragile goods, always try to keep the same type of items in one place. These include ceramics and showpieces belongings. While packing such belongings, always do the labeling as this helps in identification when you unpack them after the relocation process will be completed. 

Communicate with moving experts

Choose and hire professional movers and packers in India to get transportation services for your goods. They used to have an excellent team that can provide you effective assistance to plan a safe move. The great advantage is that they use good quality packing materials to complete the packaging part. Whether it is wrapping, packing, picking up, or dropping goods efficiently, reputed movers are capable of doing such things.

How the delicate items can be relocated globally?

To transport the breakable items internationally, extra caution needs to be taken. In that case, these given tips can be helpful-

  • It is mandatory to know the value of the frangible items before you plan to ship them.
  • As every nation has its own set of rules for carrying out fragile items. So, make sure you have done research about the country for which you have planned your move.
  • Taking import taxes and customs duties into consideration is equally important when transporting delicate items globally.
  • Doing legal paperwork formalities is even required. It is essential to know the cost of completing such tasks.
  • Before shipping your goods to another nation, you need to have great insurance coverage.
  • By scheduling and hiring, packers and movers online, you can save both time and additional expenditure.
  • It is a fact that fragile items demand additional care &handling, so confirm whether the moving company carries such items or not.
  • Collect information related to the destination delivery needs of the package.


Either you want to ship fragile items inside or outside of India, it demands special care. Protecting your delicate items with branded packaging materials can reduce the level of hassles to a great extent. So, if you plan things accordingly, nothing can restrict you from experiencing a joyful relocation.

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