Meanwhile, the outbreak of novel coronavirus continues to affect millions of lives across India and abroad, people are reportedly advised to stay indoors & follow social distancing along with proper hygiene for their safety. With so many speculations & debates going on regarding the treatment and vaccination of COVID-19, it is difficult to predict the day when we will finally get rid of the deadly virus. No matter what the situation is, life must go on like today, most of us are still supposed to do a job that we were already doing before the pandemic days. Many people have got their shifting plans postponed during the lockdown period but now it is not possible to extend the hectic task of home shifting anymore. If you’re one of those who are looking forward to relocating / house moving during COVID-19, then you must consider several things to move safely with the best packers and movers in Noida, Delhi, & other areas of metro cities.

To bring the life back on track after a three-month-long period of complete lockdown, many restrictions are being withdrawn by the government to ease operations of essential service providers right from the beginning of this month. Thus, on-demand shifting services are ready to facilitate stress-free relocations to customers who’re planning to move as soon as possible. With a team of trained & certified packers and movers, these shifting companies are gearing up to provide the safe and hassle-free moving experience to their valuable customers.

How Moving Companies Are Making Relocations Safer & Easier For You?

Packers and movers are taking extra precautions are to ensure the safety of customers during the move. They are strictly following all the WHO’s guidelines of COVID-19 prevention. In addition to this, shifting companies across the world are advised to put safety protocols in place to protect their staff as well as customers from a deadly virus. Here are some important precautionary measures that most movers and packers service providers are taking these days:

  1. Practicing social distancing & following mandatory rules of proper cleanliness & sanitization.
  2.  Encouraging awareness for protection & prevention of coronavirus infection.
  3. Using all necessary safety gear like face masks, protective shields, sanitizers, gloves, & equipment to minimize direct contact.
  4. Frequent sanitization of trucks & tools used for shifting purposes.
  5. Regular training and virtual conferences to aware employees on a day to day updates on new techniques & methods to stay safe.
  6. Providing hand sanitizers before and after arriving & leaving customers’ locations or completing each order of pickup & drop of goods.
  7. Scheduled temperature checks after every four hours & installation of sanitizing stations at office or warehouses.
  8. Encouraging cashless payments with contactless shifting services.
  9. Conducting pre-move surveys virtually to avoid visits at the customer’s location.

All the safety practices are done to relocate goods safely with minimum contact under the supervision of well-trained COVID-ready packers and movers in Delhi NCR & other states of the country. Relocating amidst pandemic days has been made safer by leaving no rooms for a pin-point risk in packing, loading, moving, unloading, & unpacking of goods at your place.

Tips To Prepare For House Moving During Covid-19 Pandemic

When it comes to relocating amidst pandemic days, you might change your mind due to the potential risks & hassles involved in shifting things safely specifically during this period. It is obvious to have safety concerns while relocating these days but there is no point in extending your shifting plans when no one knows when coronavirus will end. So, it is better to make your mind & prepare for a safe and tension-free move.

Go through some house moving tips to shift safely with packers and movers amidst COVID-19:-

  • Book for on-demand packers and movers

The first step to plan your move is to place your booking for home shifting services in Noida, Delhi, & other zones of NCR. Make sure that your booking is confirmed by the service provider so that you can avoid unwanted hassles on the shifting day. This will save you time and reduce your worries!

Ask for all required supplies & equipment: If you’re hiring packers & movers then you don’t have to worry about the packing supplies like buddle wraps, packing tape, scissors, cardboard boxes, cartons, newspapers, & other material used to pack goods for more safety. The shifting staff will bring all necessary equipment & tools to pack & load packages carefully to the pickup truck.

  • Share your concerns about safety & health conditions

Let your packers and movers in Delhi NCR know about your safety concerns so that they can make the best efforts to resolve them. alongside discussing your shifting requirements, it is favorable to share your issues regarding the precautionary measures & facilities required to keep everybody safe around you. Even though our shifting staff takes extra precautions for your safety, you must ask about these things to clear your doubts before moving during Covid-19 with any shifting company.

  • Be ready with hygiene products to protect yourself

As per the safety protocol, packers and movers are taking all preventive measures to shield themselves from the virus. You must also follow the major guidelines to ensure your safety while attending shifting personnel at your place or handling of goods during the move. Use sanitizers & wear masks and gloves throughout the shifting process and wash your hands when they leave from your residence.

Always keep a distance from shifting team & ask them to use sanitizers & wear masks before entering & after exiting your home.

  • Avoid using recycled packing boxes

Do not reuse boxes or cartons for moving your goods as we all know that coronavirus can survive on plastic and cardboard surfaces as long as 24 hours. So, it is not the right time to recycle moving boxes for your safety, you may better ask for fresh pieces of cardboard boxes to move your packages without risks.

Prevention is better than cure and hence, following these tips during house shifting amidst coronavirus is the best way to ensure every individual involved in the relocation process. Be safe and stay healthy!