Ensuring the safety of movables is the most critical aspect of damage-free shifting with packers and movers. Getting your precious belongings delivered with scratches & breakages can distress you for many reasons. Stuff like antique pieces, home décor items, expensive glassware gifted by your grandma or imported crockery set in your kitchen, etc., etc. is too delicate to move with other household goods. Here comes the advantage of perfect packaging of goods to protect them from potential damages caused during the transportation process.

The safety concerns are on the top of our priority list to ensure zero-damage relocations of items delivered by the best packers and movers. In the chaos of handling heavy household goods, some of your possessions would be at the highest risk of suffering damages due to negligence & incompetence of the shifting personnel. However, it is possible to prevent such incidents or happenings by hiring packers to do the ideal packaging of all articles with premium packing material.

Special packing for 100% safe relocations of goods

Do you know that packing goods ideally with the right packaging material of premium quality can restrict the risks of damage by 70%? In fact, it is possible to nullify the occurrence of shifting damages by packing your goods appropriately in the right way.

A lot of customers are skeptical about whether to avail full packers and movers services or simply hire a moving truck & get their goods moved with help of two or three laborers. By keeping packers away, you can cut down the costs of moving but witnessing your essentials getting damaged or broken during the move would be a major turn down for you.

Most local vendors never claim 100% safety with relocation services while packers and movers registered on our platform can commit zero-damage delivery of goods. How? Our trained experts are not only competent in lifting, loading, & moving goods but also in packing them perfectly to nullify the chances of breakages. Some elite packers and movers service providers use handcrafted packaging material to provide ultimate protection to any type of item they pack & carry from one place to another. Here is a list of the most popular packing supplies introduced by modern moving companies to safeguard your belongings with ultimate protection right from packing to the delivery of goods:

  1. Bubble wraps: When it comes to packing essentials, bubble wraps are the first choice of packers and movers to keep fragile items intact throughout the move. These wraps are made up of plastic material & are specifically designed to protect certain types of breakable goods like frames, pictures, crockeries, showpieces, antiques, glassware, etc.
  2. Moving boxes: Packing is incomplete without moving boxes as they can carry almost all types of handy items. They are either made up of cardboard or corrugated fiberboard. They’re readily available in the market for packing purposes. Packers and movers use them for packing lightweight household stuff like clothes, cushions, books, toys, handy gadgets, & more. Moving boxes of different shapes & sizes are used for packing both lighter & heavier items.
  3. Thermocol sheets: To provide extra protection to delicate items such as electronics and fragile showpieces, thermocol sheets are placed between the side surfaces of cartons. With padded surfaces on all the sides, your goods will remain safe even on the toughest routes.
  4. Packing tape: To seal & secure the moving boxes or cartons, a roll of premium packing tape is the need of the hour. For packing purposes, our packers & movers use a packing tape of medium width.
  5. Corrugated sheets: For packing large-sized household goods such as furniture, refrigerator, air conditioner, bike or car, & other equipment, packers and movers consider using these sheets to provide ultimate strength & cushioning to the movables.
  6. Packing paper: All those flower vases, fancy showpieces, glass frames, garments, shoes, & other daily used stuff are wrapped around packing paper to keep all the scratches & breakages at a bay.
  7. Stretchable films & wraps: Some objects need an extra layer of protection not only from damages but also from dust and pilferage. By wrapping your goods with two or three layers of stretchable films, packers and movers ensure that all items shall stay intact and stable while being loaded & transferred from pickup to drop location.
  8. Air pillows: Last but not the least, air pillows are the most preferred packing essentials for delicate items. They are like air-filled pouches that are kept in b/w the gaps of items kept inside the boxes. Air pillows are light in weight but can withstand any type of external load on the moving box.

Our list of packing essentials comprises 8 types of packaging supplies used by most packers and movers. Considering the necessity of using the best packing material for the safety of goods, it is imperative to hire skilled packers who apply varied techniques to pack your belongings with the highest safety.