Every logistic business is partnered with local transporters and packers & movers to stay operational all the time. Both truck owners and moving companies are collaborating to ensure seamless movement of goods, vehicles, or consignments through road transportation. Being an integral part of logistic services, transporters play a key role in the safe, swift, & easy relocation of movables within or outside the city and state. However, the growing concerns regarding carbon emission control are encouraging all minds to opt for eco-friendly procedures for packing and relocation of consignments from one place to another.

In between the hassles of moving our belongings, we never take a moment to think about the quality and type of resources used in the process. Ignoring the adverse impact of plastic and non-biodegradable packing supplies, most packers and movers tend to utilize resources that are completely harmful to the environment. While the alarming rise of carbon footprint in the atmosphere is also raising concerns regarding the usage of trucks or carriers that run on diesel. There is no doubt that the usage of disposable items and trucks using diesel engines together contribute to the high emission of carbon components in the air. To put curtail on such activities, packers and movers service providers are looking for eco-friendly alternatives to refine their shifting procedures.

If you are intending to conduct a Green move then we suggest these 6 wonderful ways to make your upcoming move eco-friendly

1. Replace cardboard boxes with reusable containers

Modern packers and movers bring reusable plastic containers rather than investing in cardboard boxes that are economically suitable but environmentally unfavorable to use. Disposing of the amount of cardboard used during the shifting process is not an eco-friendly approach. The experts at any moving company are advised to use reusable plastic containers that may increase the budget at once but will also cut down expenses in getting cardboard moving boxes again and again. In addition to this, reusable plastic boxes provide great protection to fragile objects with extra layers of padding on their surfaces.

2. Try to use recycled cartons for packing purposes

In case of packers and movers can’t join you in the shifting process and you are supposed to conduct a DIY move then you shall recycle old cartons or boxes for packing your goods. Reusing cartons or boxes kept in your storeroom is a brilliant way to make your move less expensive and safe for the environment as you are saving a tree that is cut down with every new cardboard box.

3. Say no to plastic packing

Avoid using plastic material for packing purposes. Almost all packers and movers use bubble wraps and transparent films to keep goods in the safest condition but they are not suitable for a green move at all. People who are aiming to conduct an eco-friendly move would surely agree with the concept of eliminating plastic by using old newspapers or clothes for packing and securing goods inside the cartons. All those discarded or unused sheets of paper and fabric can be stuffed in between the vacant space of fragile items to secure the surfaces from expected breakages or damages. Advanced packers and movers service providers are adopting this technique to reduce the use of plastic material as much as possible.

4. Get the right transporters with packers & movers

Nowadays, most truck rental service providers attach their truckers with moving companies to reach their customers & boost their business. For a green move, one must ensure that moving trucks are well-maintained and properly serviced in advance. Most transporters are still using outdated models of trucks with inefficient engines that not only pollute the environment but also consume more fuel and time in delivery. It’s better to ask your packers and movers to cross-check the fuel-efficiency of the truck and its engine capacity to withstand the load with minimal emission of hazardous components.

5. Reuse packaging after removal

Considering the 3 R’s of the environment-friendly approach, we always suggest you reduce, reuse, & recycle stuff we own and use on a daily basis. Here comes another reason to recycle carton boxes and other packing material once your goods are securely transferred to the desired location. You can either give away the packing supply to your packers and movers or friends or store them for future use. 

6. Do not use chemicals or toxic cleaning products

To turn your move 100% environmentally safe, you must avoid using toxic cleaning agents during & after the relocation process. One must use mild cleaning liquid or cotton sponge instead of chemicals to clean tough stains or marks left over the walls or surfaces of their newly constructed home.

There are numerous ways to make your move safe not only for packers and movers but also for the environment. Our nature is a source of living for human beings, animals, flora, & uncountable lives on the earth and it’s our duty to protect it with all efforts we can make. Opting for the eco-friendly move is a brilliant concept to contribute to the environmental-friendly ideology through all the aspects of shifting procedures. Go green!!