Many people pay more than the expected costs of relocating with local moving companies. Due to a lack of communication and transparency, it generally happens when companies offering packing and moving services include extra charges in the final bill. When the expected costs of shifting services exceed the quoted price, a customer can naturally wonder, ‘how much does movers and packers cost?’ They can raise a concern regarding overcharges with the concerned person at a moving company and try to negotiate for the same. However, it is not a big deal if there is only a slight difference in relocation services’ quoted and final costs. There are ample reasons behind the unexpected hike in the standard moving charges.


Not all moving companies charge as per the standard rates of packing, loading, transportation, labour, and other resources used in relocations. Some regional packers and movers restructure their fees according to a customer’s budget and later increase the overall charges for unjustified reasons. To avoid facing such circumstances, one must know about these 5 moving expenses that usually occur while relocating modern packers and movers in Delhi NCR:


Additional labour charges:

For shifting a 1BHK, 2BHK, and 3BHK apartment, a group of 3-4 packers and movers in Hyderabad can efficiently handle a limited number of household goods. However, suppose the quantity of movables increases at the last moment. In that case, a shifting service provider shall add extra charges for additional labourers involved in packing, lifting, and loading packages to the moving truck. 


When an estimate is provided by taking a look at the household articles of a client, at that time, all the furniture such as almirahs, showcases, cupboards, cots and box-beds are fully stuffed with other articles. Therefore, it is next to impossible to correctly estimate the resultant amount of household articles to pack unless these container furniture are emptied. 


No customer will empty all their furniture to show the packer and mover representative to get a quote.

So it is but natural that the work of labourers increases upto twice the initial estimate at times. This results in a natural increase in the final bill amount.


Furthermore, from doorways to congested galleries and staircases, such obstacles on the way to the vehicle also create an unnecessary mess. They make it trickier for the best packers and movers, eventually resulting in additional labour charges.


Packing material:

Packing material,  packing and moving services

The estimated costs of full-service relocations include the charges of packaging supplies provided by a moving company. So, you don’t have to worry about spending extra bucks on getting some major packing stuff such as moving cartons, wrapping paper, bubble wraps, etc. But like we pointed out previously, there is bound to be an additional purchase of packing supplies when all the articles are brought out for packing. So, you can’t escape the extra expenses of getting these packing supplies.


Special items like antiques and collectables:

For moving a collection of antiques or restored items, one may need to arrange some essential facilities to protect goods from any damage. One must pay extra for packing and other necessary arrangements to safeguard old paintings, sculptures, journals, glassware, furniture, and other rare pieces of goods from potential shifting damages. Hence, moving such items would incur unexpected expenses with packers and movers.


Disconnection or removal of electronics:

The wired connections of electronic appliances are very complicated. One may need to call an electrician to disassemble the electronic items such as television, fridge, air conditioner, home music system, fans, coolers, etc. and detach them with utmost care. This will add to the additional fee of a professional handyman appointed to disconnect and set the electronic item back to the right place after moving. At the time of inspection for getting a quote, one cannot always correctly estimate all these additional expenses. 


Fuel, repairs, toll taxes, & other charges:

A tool tax

The packers and movers at any moving company may or may not include the costs of extra distance and fuel consumed during the relocation process. The final bill would reflect the charges of fuel, repairs, and other taxes that may surprise you in the end. Due to complexities such as two-point collection or two-point delivery, it is natural that one will have to pay extra.


Apart from the charges above, your packers and movers may include charges for storage and truck rental facilities available during residential relocations. So, make sure that you’re ready to deal with such unexpected expenditures while moving with any shifting service provider near you. 


Moving is indeed hectic and cost consuming, and often people want to cut extra costs off to stick to their budget. So even though moving might cost you some money, we promise you won’t regret your decision once! If you want to eradicate all the worries concerning the move, you should hire genuine packing and moving professionals for hiring packing and moving services. An experienced and certified packing and moving company will always ensure good results. 




How can one tell if a packer is a real mover?

Here are a few tips to help you understand how you can distinguish between a real mover and a scammer! 


A real Packer and mover will always be upfront about the charges involved, give a proper quote without any conditions attached, provide all documents readily, provide Insurance coverage, and have good reviews lined up online.


Delving into the matter in more detail, you will experience that:

  1. A real Packer and Mover will transparently answer questions. A fake one will give roundabout answers and include multiple escape routes to avoid accountability later on.
  2. A genuine company will give the quote in writing. It will be prompt with paperwork such as issuing the Goods Consignment Note, Packing list, Declaration Certificate, Money receipt for any payment, Invoice for the agreed amount, Copy of Insurance certificate and policy, and money receipt. A fake one will not come near half of these documents.
  3. A genuine Service provider will have good reviews on Mouthshut, FB, or Google reviews. A fake one will have none of these or, worse, negative reviews.
  4. A genuine vendor will care for your goods. In case of any problems, they will be prompt in taking corrective action. They will remain worried about their responsibilities and reputation. A fake vendor will not be bothered about any of these. They will arm-twist you into making extra payments for flimsy excuses and will be least bothered about damage to your goods. They will even try to get full payment citing absurd reasons so that you cannot deduct anything even if your goods are delivered as damaged. In most cases, they get down to such dirty tactics only because they have already misplaced your goods or damaged them en route.
  5. A genuine Packer and Mover will sound fair in their discussion and modest approach. A fake one will talk big about excellent service, sound over-confident, and probably even avoid eye contact (basic psychology of crooks). 
  6. The fake Packer and Mover will give an exceptionally low quote to bag the order. A genuine one will provide a reasonable quote and justify it easily for you to understand.


What are the benefits of hiring packers and movers?

Hiring professional packers and movers for moving things is invariably adventurous, and to help you justify the choice, we are here with the best of best points for you.

  • The packers and movers know the city: Whether you are transferring or shifting long-distance or planning for a regional move, professional movers and packers would always handle things in the best manner professionally. Due to their familiarity with the area, the procedure would speed up.
  • They know how to handle your delicate and sturdy products: The best advantage of having professional movers and packers by your side is that they have the finest packing materials. Of course, it would benefit you in getting the safest and the securest result of the move by the end. Your goods would remain in good, safe hands during the move.
  • They always are insured: The professional packers and movers come with the right insurance. They will give you the required coverage for things, and in the end, your move will land you in a safe and secure place. The best advantage of hiring movers is that they would not leave you with a loss-bearing situation.
  • Fewer to zero chances of goods damage are involved: When the packers and movers company are handling the things, there is close to no chance of damage. If your precious household items sadly meet with anything wrong, the movers help you get the reimbursement from the insurance company for the loss since you are insured. The fewer chances of impairment always lead a person to go carefree during the shifting! 


Moving on to the next point, how much does packing and moving cost? This might sound like a fundamental question, but it is definitely integral. 


How much will packers and movers cost?

As a general rule, packers and movers charge for the different shifting services you will hire for your next transfer or move. In general, hiring moving services for a local move or shifting will cost you from Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 30,000. Based on the size of your transfer, the cost will and does vary.


As a general rule, the packers and movers’ costs will be:

  1. Rs 3,000–9,000 for 1 BHK shifting.
  2. Rs 4,500–13,000 for 2 BHK shifting.
  3. Rs 6,000–18,000 for 3 BHK shifting.
  4. Rs 8,000–25,000 for 4–5 BHK shifting.
  5. Rs 10,000–30,000 for villa shifting.


The intercity moving charges will vary and may range from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 70,000 for shifting of 1–3 BHK homes. The actual price will vary based on your household goods’ distance and entire weight & volume.


These price values are calculated by taking into consideration numerous factors. The best way to know the accurate estimates of moving services is to share an exact list of goods and items to pack and transport with the Packers and Movers.