It is okay if you feel disgusted whenever you’ve to clean a septic tank for regular & much-needed maintenance. Hygiene is a serious matter of concern for sanitation and it can’t be neglected whether it’s about dealing with blockages, drain field floods or removal of solid waste. Instead of doing it on own, the majority of homeowners go for on-demand septic tank cleaning services to avoid the mess & stress involved in the task.

The Necessity of Routine Septic Tank Cleaning

No worries if your resident’s septic system gets clogged periodically due to solid material or demands regular cleaning to function properly. Even a minor septic tank problem could become severe if maintenance is done on a routine basis. Let’s elaborate that why septic tank cleaning is a must for every household:

Generally, most of the conventional septic tanks are made up of fibreglass or polyethylene material and they’re installed under the ground. Solid waste gets accumulated at the bottom of the container forming sludge while lighter solids settle in the second chamber of the tank. Septic tank cleaning not only pumps out the solid waste but also eliminates accumulated sludge, bacteria, & particles causing false odour.

The process of septic tank cleaning involves the removal of solids & liquids using a setup to pump out the waste material for safer disposal to another place. Although removing solid waste is a simple process if the tank’s maintenance is done regularly, delayed cleaning might result in increased difficulties and cost of pumping. However, if you want to get alerts for getting your septic tank cleaned then here are some tell-tale signs to consider & make a call to the cleaning service provider:

Standing water & drainage

An overflowing tank is a clear indication of impending septic tank cleaning service to be done. If you’re noticing draining tubs, showers, washing machines, or any components attached to drainage system then it is a sign of getting your tank pumped as soon as possible.

Unpleasant odour

A septic system collects waste as well as sluggish grey water that comes from washing dishes, showering, laundry, & other types of soapy liquid. They all combine to spread bad odour around that not only makes everyone uncomfortable but also raises the risks of air-borne diseases.

Increased nitrate content in water

Households that consume well water are required to keep a check on the water quality. You must get the water quality tested regularly as lack of regular septic tank cleaning & maintenance might contaminate the water used for drinking, cleaning, & other days to day purposes. As a result, the level of nitrate content will increase and that’s certainly a danger sign for you.

Evidence of leakage

Many of us might never have noticed the quality of grass over the septic bed at the backyard but you must keep a check on it. If the grass encompassing the area over the septic tank appears overly green and healthy then it could be a sign of leakage.

Sewer backup

Last but not least, sewer backup is a primary sign of sewer backup that occurs due to blockages & flooding. If sewer backup persists for long, your septic tank system will certainly reach its capacity to cause an overflow. So, if there is sewer backup then you must call a professional septic tank cleaning service provider immediately.

So, if you don’t want to give away extra charges for septic tank cleaning then consider these 5 major warning signs to get it done without any delay.

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