All the worries of shifting can be avoided with proper planning & a reliable moving service provider. The painstaking task of relocating your office or home turns more stressful when you own a pet as well. Just like your precious belongings, your pet also needs extra attention & care while your movers and packers in Delhi, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Noida, & other metro cities help you in relocations. In between the chaos of packing & shifting process, you must not forget your beloved furry companion as they might feel disturbed in such a nuisance. Let us discuss some important tips for moving with pets when moving with packers & movers.

If you own a pet then you must be known to the reason why you need to keep the comfort of your doggo in mind. Alongside planning your move with packers movers in Delhi NCR, you must get your pet ready to relocate comfortably with you & other movable.

Note These 5 Important Tips For Moving with Pets Safely

1. Know rules & regulations of moving pets & follow them

First of all, you must get familiar with the rules regarding pet relocation as they vary in different countries. Do some initial research work to know the rules & get all documents ready before moving your pet with movers and packers in Delhi NCR. Your pet is your responsibility and only you can handle them comfortably even in the presence of shifting personnel.

Proper documentation is required whether you’re moving to a different state or a country as you’ve to follow certain rules to import a pet to a destined location. Customs officers may ask for documents for import permit along with national & international health certificate of your pet & yours if you’re moving abroad from one to another nation. Getting all documents ready before moving will save you a lot of time.

2. Go through pet moving policies at different airlines available

All the pet owners are suggested to check the transportation policies of all airlines operating in their countries to relocate safely without facing any difficulties during international moves. Get in touch with multiple airlines & ask for necessary guidelines that you need to follow while shifting with your pet internationally with movers packers in Delhi & any other states of India.

Getting familiar with the pet moving policies in advance will help you in preparing yourself for any situation specifically when there is no direct flight to the new location & you’re supposed to change your flight in between.

3. Get your pet trained for the move

Since you already know your pet’s behavior, you can think of getting him trained for the move. Your loving pet might feel alone or disturbed during the shifting process and hence, you must train your pet to cope with the situation. We suggest you introduce your pet with a crate in which it will be carried throughout the relocation time.

Bring the right type of crate of the perfect size & let your pet explore it to find its comfort zone within its space. So, give sufficient training to your pet so that our packers and movers in Delhi NCR can gently keep it in the provided crate and transport them with the utmost comfort & safety.

4. Talk to your vet about the pet’s health

Always visit a veterinarian to ensure that your pet is in a healthy state to move to s different country. Many times pet owners neglect the health conditions of their furry friends that make them regret later when their pets turn anxious & stressful after relocating to a new place. Therefore, we advise you to make sure that all the necessary vaccinations are being done on your pet before moving them internationally.

5. Seek assistance for the best pet moving company

Most movers and packers in Delhi & other metro cities provide exclusive pet transportation services to reduce your shifting worries with a pet. The task of moving your pet from one country to another is very tedious & thus, only professional relocation experts like us can do this job without messing up your plan. We will even help you do the paperwork for pet shifting and provide all necessary suggestions to make your shifting safe, speedy, & hassle-free.

At Shift Freight, we understand your concern for the safety & comfort of your pet when it comes to shifting internationally. However, we suggest you hire our movers and packers in Delhi NCR and follow these tips to have a worry-free moving experience with us!

Prepare to relocate with your furry friend in advance & follow these 5 tips for moving with pets to ensure the safety & comfort of loving little-ones.