Found a new place to shift with packers & movers? From furniture to kitchenware, wardrobe essentials, and other household goods, you have a lot of things to pack and move to the residence where you’re planning to relocate. Home shifting turns out more tiring than exciting when you have so many expensive and fragile movables that are extremely prone to breakages & damages during the move. And when it comes to electronic appliances, you need to be more careful while handling them as they’re very sensitive as well as pricey.

Of course, you can expect 100% safe moving of all electronics from the best packers and movers but what will you do if you are in a situation of self-packing them? Don’t need to be afraid, just continue reading this blog to make it easy for you.

Follow these 5 steps that are imperative to pack your electronic items safely and effortlessly:

Step 1: Take backup of all docs and folders

Before you start packing electronics, make sure that you’ve saved all the files, folders, photos, & all important documents on your system. Take backup of all data so that your retrieve them easily in future. That’s the biggest mistake most people commit while moving electronics as they forget taking backup of data on their computers and later regret when it’s lost accidently post completing their move.

Step 2: Keep all packing supplies ready

The packers and movers at Shift Freight use quality packing material to ensure the safety of all electronics. Make sure that you are using the right type of packaging supplies as every item needs special care and safe handling to stay protected from potential scratches & breakages. Here are a few points to keep in mind to prep up for packing your electronic items like television, refrigerator, chimneys, desktops, laptops, etc:

  • Ensure that the size of moving boxes is larger than electronic device you are keeping in it. Use boxes that are sturdy & capable of handling the weight of contents packed inside.
  • Our packers and movers usually suggest customers to use original packaging of appliance they are moving.
  • Get strong packing tape of the best quality to secure and pack boxes tightly.
  • Bubble wraps, packing paper, & other material needed to provide ultra-padded protection from jerks while being moved through the bumpy roads.
  • You can fill empty spaces or gaps in the packing boxes with towels, blankets, sheets, & other soft stuff you have.

Step 3: Stay organized with cords and remotes

All the cables, cords, remotes, adapters, etc. must be kept and packed securely & separately at one place. Turn of the appliance to disconnect all wires and untangle them with soft hands. Doing so might take a few minutes but this will save a lot of time once you try to reconnect rhe device back at your new home.

Most skilled packers and movers are also skilled at doing these technical tasks while packing and moving electronics. And if you are doing it on own then it must be done very carefully. Wind out the cords securely and don’t forget to label or take photo of each connection so that you can reconnect the cables without any confusion.

Step 4: Maintain proper temperature

Since some electronics such as printers with ink cartridges are sensitive to high temperatures, they often get damaged as they get overheated after running for long hours. To eliminate the risks, you must ensure that temperature is maintained within the moving truck. Pack these gadgets properly with plastic bags to reduce unwanted mess post completing your move.

Step 5: Pack cautiously and label each item

Labeling is the most important aspect of packing electronics. Not all electronics are fragile but most of them are and you can’t just pack and load them like other items. No matter if you’ve got packers and movers or not, each of those electronics must be labeled as ‘Fragile or Handle with care’ so that you can stay attentive while loading them to the truck.

Now you can take a deep breath after reading these 5 crucial steps for packing your electronics. If you don’t want to your electronic appliances getting crushed due to a minor mistake or mismanagement, hire the best packers and movers as it’s better to pay a small amount for their safety rather them risking your expensive items.