Getting your damaged car towed becomes a terrifying experience when it is not done in the right way. Whenever your vehicle fails all of a sudden, you may either call a technician for repairs or approach a vehicle towing service provider for 24*7 roadside assistance services in Delhi NCR. Not all types of tow truck services are reliable to carry out the car lifting process safely & speedily. Since the risks of damages are very high when a tow trucker lifts your vehicle’s front wheels off of the ground, you need an expert to get this task done without any damage & hassles.

If you don’t want to face any inconvenience in vehicle towing, you must approach a trusted & trained tow truck service provider whenever your vehicle fails in the middle of the road. If you’ve faced difficulties earlier then you might be familiar with the hassles involved in roadside recovery in Delhi NCR.

Before moving further to the topic, let’s elaborate some major reasons for availing car breakdown services from a reliable company:

  • Time-saving & affordable services
  • 24*7 availability of professional technicians
  • Immediate assistance at any location
  • Quick response & rescue promised
  • Zero last-mile hassles make it highly convenient

Believe it or not, damages during vehicle towing are not unusual as risks are minimal & you can get it done safely at your peace of mind. So, next time you get stuck due to sudden vehicle breakdown, you must note down these 4 tips to protect your broken car and avoid the unnecessary stress with tow truck service provider.

4 Steps To Ensure The Safety Of Broken Vehicle With Tow Truck Services

1. Hire the best towing truck service provider

Go online to find a licensed & trusted company for tow truck services in Delhi NCR. It will save a lot of time especially when you’re stranded in the middle of the highway. You won’t have to make repeated calls while waiting for their arrival as 24*7 roadside assistance services for vehicle recovery is meant to reach the location promptly.

2. Choose flatbed tow truck for vehicle hauling

Most cases of damages during vehicle towing occur when hook-and-chain or wheel lift tow trucks are used. Flatbed trucks are more efficient to lift your car with minimal risks of damaging their axles and transmission system. A winch is used to attach a tow truck to your vehicle & lift it safely from the front & back part up above the road. In this way, secure roadside recovery in Delhi NCR is carried out by professionals.

3. Do check towing strength against your vehicle’s weight

If your tow truck is incapable of handling the load of your vehicle then the chances of damages are high. It is a big mistake as well as risky for other motorists or vehicles passing by. In addition to this, loading excess weight to the tow truck will damage the towing equipment like chained harness and other tools attached to secure your car.

4. Put your car in a neutral mode

Don’t forget to put your car in a neutral mode as it won’t bother the driver assigned to you for tow truck services. When your car turns neutral, the wheels will rotate freely in the same direction, & thus there is zero impact on the drive train. In case, if a car is being hauled from the front side and the other two wheels are on the ground, you may leave the engine running.

Even though your tow truck service provider is concerned about the safety of your vehicle while towing, you must keep the above 5 tips to protect your broken car for hassle-free roadside assistance in Delhi NCR.